Ibude’s suspension: No tears shed … Delta state Assembly Hailed!


In her reaction on Friday 13th of November 2009, Hon. Engr. Mrs.
Doris Uboh made it clear that the action of the Delta State House of Assembly
displays the checks and balance system that exists in a democracy. In her brief
telephone interview with Ikaworld.com, she expressed confidence in the verdict of
the Delta State House of Assembly and pointed to the fact that the action was
supported by the findings of state’s financial watchdog.


Reaction from civil society
was also cheerful. Comrade Barrister Ifeanyi Williams Agholor’s text message
reaction to ikaworld.com reads: “the suspension is in accordance with House of
Assembly’s rules. The Chairman is fraudulent, official corruption, abuse of
office, over inflection of contract etc. My Human Right Organisation is set to
take the Chairman to EFCC”


Friends of the suspended
chairman who spoke on the condition of anonymity said that such a threat from
Comrade Barrister Ifeanyi Williams Agholor whose relentless pursuit of the
ROTEC contract culprits have turned Ika political class into nervous wrecks is
an additional problem that the suspended chairman of Ika South cannot afford at
this time when has to do everything in the book to ensure that the three months
suspension does not become permanent.


When contacted on Friday 13th of November 2009, Hon. Dr. Cairo
Ojougbo declined comment. In his text message, he actually did not recognize who
Hon. Hillary Ibude was by asking Ikaworld.com: “Who is that?” (as in: who is
the person you are talking about?).

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