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A young man said
to be an indigene of Igbodo in Ika North East Local Government Area has been
reported to have allegedly murdered his wife in cold blood at the farm in


Ika Weekly gathered that the suspect who is an Okada operator and whose name was
given as Victor Onyemaechi Adaka Okoh visited his home town with his wife and
their only child where he allegedly carried out the dastardly act. 


According to a
reliable family source, on that fatefully day, Victor informed his mother that
he was going  to the farm with his wife,
whose name was given as Patricia Okoh, to inspect a piece of land he was
proposing to cultivate in this year’s farming season. The source revealed that
as they (husband and wife) were going they left their son behind with his
mother, who never suspected the evil intention of her son. 


Hours later, Ika Weekly gathered, the youngman
returned from the farm without the wife, prompting his mother to query him on
the whereabout of his wife, to which he replied that the woman had disappeared
after they had a little disagreement.


The source
further said that when the mother noticed blood stains on her son’s clothes she
became apprehensive and ask how the blood stains came about, but the youngman
replied that it was the blood of an animal himself and the wife killed at the
farm. Continuing the source said that Victor’s mother insisted that her son
should go and search for his wife. Victor, however, left home with shovel,
digger and a sack.


According to
information gathered by Ika Weekly, the
suspect, a few days later, that is on Tuesday, February 16th 2010
went to Oyoko in Abavo, the home town of his wife to tell her parents that he
has not seen his wife whom he went to the farm with, a few days before. Our
source further disclosed that the parents of Patricia suspecting foul play
alerted the police and the youngman was immediately arrested and taken to the
police station at Agbor. After interrogation at the station the matter was
transferred to the Umunede Police Division, since the incident happened within
their jurisdiction.


Meanwhile. The
Vigilante group, in Igbodo got wind of a smelling corpse in the bush, and the
police were subsequently informed, which led to the discovery of the body of
the woman which had been decimated. It was after further interrogation that the
suspect admitted that he actually committed the offence.


Ika Weekly learnt that when they (police and the suspect) got to the scene of the
incident, they discovered that the corpse of Late Patricia was completely
dismembered. The dismembered parts were found to be packed in a sack, with the
hands, head, legs and private parts missing. The body, with one of her hands
were however taken to the police station and later deposited at the mortuary.


The source
further stated that it was some days later that the suspect agreed, after
further interrogations, to take the police where he had hidden the missing parts
of his late wife’s body, where the clothes the woman was putting on were also
discovered. But they could not find one of the legs, hand, head and private
part which he refused to divulge where he had kept them.  It was also discovered that Late Patricia,
whose bowels was ripped open, with the intestines gushing out, was pregnant but
the fetus in the womb could not be found.


The immediate
elder brother to the deceased, Mr. Christopher Ojere, a serving police officer
in Lagos told Ika Weekly that he suspects
that his late sister was butchered on Tuesday 16th February but that
the information to that effect got to the family the following day. He
disclosed that Victor did not marry his sister legally but that he put her in
the family way and thereafter both of them started living together as husband
and wife. He blamed the immediate elder brother of Victor, who is a Pastor in
Jesus Saves Church, whom he said connected his younger sister with the suspect
and since then they never bothered to formalize the union according to native
law and custom of the people.


Mr. Ojere
lamented the irreparable lost to his family and added that his family has
handed the matter over to the Government, for them to see that justice prevails
at the end.


Mr. Victor Okoh
was said to be residing at No 47 Imudia Street, Agbor with his late wife, Mrs.
Patricia Okoh who was 24 years old.

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