It was a historic occasion at the Dein�s Palace, Ime-Obi, Agbor on Saturday, April, 3, 2010 when the Agbor N�igidi Association (Renaissance Group) formally handed over the renovated Reception Hall within the prescient of the palace, which it executed, to the Dein of Agbor Kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Keagborekuzi 1st.

The event which attracted a cream of Agbor sons and daughters both home and abroad was described as a significant milestone in the history of Agbor kingdom. The reception hall which has all the trappings of modernization was formally declared open by the Agbor traditional monarch, Keagborekuzi 1st who gave glory to God and thanks to the Agbor N�igidi Association for the wonderful and befitting civic centre.

In his address, the chairman of the occasion, Sir Steve Omojafor commended the Agbor N�igidi for taking on the enormous task of not only renovating the palace reception hall, but championing a new re-awakening in the continuous efforts, at socio-economic development of Agbor kingdom. �I hope this is the beginning of greater things to come, as I challenge the Agbor N�igidi Association to take and maintain the momentum. Consistent leadership has been our bane in Agbor and we salute the courage of the Association in taking up the mantle once again,� he stated; adding that �moving Agbor kingdom forward requires the combined efforts of her sons and daughters both at home and in diaspora. It also requires great financial and moral investment. We all can contribute to this new re-awakening in so many ways.�

Continuing, Sir Omojafor touched the issue on how Agbor lost her focus, raising such pertinent questions as to how and when the people went wrong. �At opportunities like this, it is necessary to re-examine ourselves and ask some pertinent questions; why has the kingdom been so disunited? Why have we remained so backward, so retrogressive, so unrecognized and so irrelevant in the state and the national Scheme of things? At what point did we go wrong? At what point did we loose our cohesiveness; our socio-economic strength and our political leadership in the region? Today, we are laughed at and ridiculed as giants of yester-years. Our erstwhile little brothers have shoved us aside and wrestled economic and political powers out of our hands. Yet, we pretend that all is well. Or is it that we really don�t care? Are we truly contented with the pittance being thrown at us from the centre? That is a big shame� he stated.

While stressing that without political power, �we cannot make any significant and sustainable progress or development,� He chairman of the occasion appealed to politicians �to close ranks, irrespective of their party affiliations and factions, to harness and maximize our resources, in pursuit of the common good of our poor populace. There has to be a change in our value perception and thought process. We must subdue the spirit of self and substitute it with that of the common good of the people. Anything short of this will be a huge disservice to the Agbor kingdom. The Agbor N�igidi Association has taken the lead and I call on all other groups and associations to follow suit� he pleaded.

Sir Omojafor canvassed the need for �a strong leadership, to be built around His Majesty-a leadership that must be non-partisan, one that must be respected, one that unifies the people, and one that must place the people�s welfare first. There is no doubt that Agbor needs an ideology, platform and a voice just like Arewa in the North, Ohaneze in the East and Afenifere in the South West. And the starting pointing, in my mind, should be the reactivation of the Agbor Summit, to be recognized as the highest rallying point for the people of Agbor kingdom. And the first assignment, I must suggest, should be the convocation of an AGBOR NATIONAL CONFERENCE, after wide consultation with the various stakeholders.�

While thanking Dein, Keagborekuze 1st for hosting the gathering, he sued for the continued unity and peace of Agbor kingdom, saying that the event signpost a new beginning for Agbor, which should be used to reflect on the past and the present in planning positively for the future.

In his address, the Chairman, Project Implementation Committee, Major-General Nick Agbogun (rtd) said that the execution of the renovation of the palace civic centre by Agbor N�igidi Renaissance Group was compelled by the need to give the Dein Royal palace a face-lift and modern outlook. He disclosed that the project was made possible though the selfless contributions of members of the association who he described as patriotic sons of Agbor kingdom.

He therefore called on every Agbor son and daughter to contribute to the project of enhancing the palace and the entire Agbor kingdom adding that �this humble effort of this group will no doubt stand for emulation and stimulus to government to do something now. What we have done as a group in undertaking this renovation work, is to set the ball rolling; as a curtain raiser for others; the Delta State Government as well as Ika South Local Government; private individuals, philanthropists and groups to join or play solo on their own; and to pick any of the portions as would be marked out for sponsorship and execution.�

In his remarks, His Royal Majesty, Keagborekuzi 1st, Dein of Agbor kingdom said that there was the urgent need for all indigenes of Agbor to work collectively for the good of Agbor kingdom. He specifically called on the political class to come together and use their political position and power to attract development to the land. He said he will remain committed to the unity, peace and development of Agbor kingdom.

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