The advice was given through the Chairman of the
Movement, Comrade Barrister Ifeanyi Williams Agholor when he spoke to Ika Weekly on Thursday, April 29, 2010
at the Movement’s office along Memeh Street, Boji-Boji, Owa. Comrade Agholor
who described the two terms of Hon. Okonta as huge failure which has brought
untold hardship on Ika South in particular and Ika nation in general, said that
instead of dreaming of a 3rd term, the Speaker should be thinking of
how to apologize to the people he has misrepresented in the last seven years.
“We hereby,on behalf of the Human Rights groups, civil societies, market women
and men, artisans okada riders, and the entire people of Ika land demand an
unreserved apology from Right Honourable Martin Okonta, for his glaring poor
representation, ineptitude and insensitivity to the cries and yearnings of Ika
people, even in his official position as number three in Delta State. We are
using this opportunity to warn him to stop his inglorious 3rd term
bid, as any attempt to foist himself on the people will spell doom for his
political career.” The human rights chairman warned.


Comrade Agholor who is widely known for his sustained
fight against oppression and injustice drew the attention of Hon. Okonta to his
financial status before gaining seat at the House of Assembly in 2003, warning
that at the appropriate time the issues relating to his immense wealth in less
than seven years in public office will be seriously and adequately addressed by
the agencies statutorily set up to handle such matters. He berated the Speaker
for not being able to use his high profile office to attract development to Ika
land, wondering what gored him the belief that he can mesmerize and deceive the
people of Ika South into giving him their support and votes, when he has
abandoned them in the last seven years. “A man who could not use his office to
renovate schools, tarr durable  roads,
help Ika people gain jobs is now turning round to ask for the support and votes
of the same people. All he could achieve in seven years was the tarring of farm
roads within and around his house in Abavo,” he stated


The Human Rights Restoration Movement chairman also
berated the Speaker for coming before the public domain to defend the embattled
former governor of Delta State, Chief James Onanefe Ibori, who is currently
being investigated by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, over
allegations bordering on financial misappropriation of state funds. “It is
unfortunate that Rt. Hon. Okonta, Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly
could go to the dishonourable extent to defend Chief James Ibori in the alleged
corruption charges. His oversight functions does not include restraining
federal government agencies such the EFCC, Police, SSS., ICPC from carrying out
their statutory duties. It is most regrettable that the Speaker, who is a
lawyer by training, who ought to have had a clear knowledge of the principles
guiding the separation of power in governance, could exhibit such attitude. We
also expected him to know that any security agency such as the EFCC can invite
anybody for questioning and investigation as many times as possible, on any
allegation. James Ibori’s case can never be an exception. As students of
history, we have it on record that the late Major-General Shehu Musa Yar’Adua
was arrested, investigated and unfortunately died in detention, the same
applied to the late Chief M.K.O Abiola. The late elder statesman, Chief Obafemi
Awolowo, late Chief Bola Ige, Chief Anthony Enahoro were all arrested, charged
with treasonable felony and sentenced to various jail term, ranging between 10
and 15 years. We are also aware that former president Olusegun Obasanjo was
arrested along side many others, tried in a phantom coup and sentenced to 15
years imprisonment, after concerted appeal from prominent world leaders
including former American president, Mr. Jimmy Carter. These were great men who
had contributed enormously to the growth and development of our great country,
Nigeria, and when they were suspected to have gone against the laws of the
land, they were arrested, investigated, and sentenced, when necessary. It is in
view of the above, that the Human Rights Restoration Movement feel bitter and
ashamed of Martin Okonta, who is Speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly,
a man who is occupying the number 3 position in the state, for coming out
openly to defend Ibori on corruption charges.


“This is the same man who could not use his position to
get ROTEC Engineering Limited to execute the 2.2 billion naira road contract
awarded to it in his area. He could not also use his position to get Hitech
Nigeria Limited to commence work on the 3.3 billion naira Old Lagos/Asaba road
dualization project. He could not use his office to attract anything meaningful
to Ika land, yet, he was able and interested to defending a man who is being
investigated for fraudulent activities” he explained


Bar. Agholor equally took a swipe on those he said have
been making newspaper publications, trying to exonerate Ibori from the
allegations leveled against him, for which the EFCC was looking for him, for
questioning, and concluded that these individuals and groups have no locus
standi to defend the former governor. He therefore urged them to allow the
anti-graft agency to do its job of arresting Ibori for questioning and proper

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