Dr. Okwuada who spoke to newsmen soon after declaring
his interest for the Assembly seat for Ika South constituency at the LGA PDP
Secretariat, along Mariere Street,
Agbor, on Saturday, April, 24, 2010 stressed that the time has come for the
people to have the kind of representative that will champion and promote their
interests. He however maintained that the only way that can be achieved, is for
the people to rise up to the challenge of making sure that the principle of
‘one man, one vote’ was upheld, adding that “this time around, our people must
stand up in defense of their right to choose their preferred candidates.”


Dr. Okwuada who has made several efforts to represent
the LGA at the State of Assembly
said he was calling on the people to give him their support, so that in his
words “I can go to Asaba to give Ika South the effective and beneficial
representation it deserves. I am not going there to enrich myself but to see
that all those things that are due to our people get to them. I am promising
that constituency projects will be executed with the funds released for that
purpose. Every year, there must be constituency projects carried out which the
people at whose instance I am going there, will see. I will be giving account
of my stewardship, every quarterly. The people deserves to hear from whoever
they send to represent them.”


The House of Assembly hopeful promised to open a
constituency office, where complaints will be lodged, adding that those looking
for jobs could also submit their credentials for his attention.


When asked how he hoped to tackle the incumbency
factor, the articulate  vertinerary
doctor and Managing Director of PHED Farms which has offices in Kano and Agbor,
retorted that so-called incumbency was a non issue, as he believes that the
‘one man, one vote’ principle will give the people the opportunity to chose
their representatives. According to him “incumbency is not a hurdle. It is
going to be one man one vote. It is not like before when people just sit down
in their houses and manipulate the electoral process and declare results to suit
themselves. This time, the people will determine who represents them. The issue
of incumbency is not going to come into play at all. Money politics has become
outdated. That somebody has made so much money in government does not mean that
such individual can represent the people well. Do not forget that for almost
eight years, our people have been denied the right representation. Or can
anyone confidently point to any specific or tangible achievement recorded or
advancement they made for the people? We have nothing to show for almost eight
years. No single constituency project. It is like a wasted eight years,” he



While admitting that the primary responsibility of a
legislator is to make laws, he pointed out that representing a people entails
other things which include influencing projects to the constituency. “Apart
from law making, there is the added responsibility to vigorously lobby for
projects and other things that could empower your people, if you truly have
their interest at heart. Every year, budgets are made, but sadly, our LGA is
not getting a fair share of what it deserves. These are some of the things we
are seriously desirous to correct, so that our people can benefit from the
State. We want to make sure that what belongs to our LGA gets to the place, so
that Ika South can be developed and our people will be empowered. I intend
achieving all these through intensive lobbying, working harmoniously with the
executive arm of government, so that some projects can be executed in our LGA,
he said. 

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