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Everyday, they say, is for the thief, but one day
for the owner of the house. And so it was when nemesis has caught up with two
security men attached to the Boji-Boji, Owa main market in Ika North-East Local
Government Area. These men, who were employed to protect lives and property,
were apprehended by the youths of N’Owa Ri Nma in the morning of Friday, July
23, 2010.


According to one of the suspected thieves, Mr.
Goddey Okoh who resides at No 9, Convent Road, he has been entering into the
store containing the bags of rice for about one year now at different occasions
to steal bags of rice from the particular store, he stated that he used to pass
through the back window of the store whenever he went to steal and that very
early in the morning of the next day, he and his wife would take the bags of
rice to Uromi market to sell. He said he has been stealing rice from the store
for about 7 different occasions, and that it was the youths of the area that
caught him on that very day. He said he is a native of Uromi in Edo State.


Mrs. Sarah Okoh, wife of the suspect, also confirmed
the story. Speaking to reporters concerning the matter, she said that when her
husband, Mr. Okoh returned home after his night work with some bags of rice,
she would collect some bags from him and take them to Uromi market to sell. She
stated that sometimes she would ask her husband where he used to bring the bags
of rice, and he would tell her they are from his place of work.


Mr. Sylvester Oyibe, aka, London Connection, who is
also a security man in the market and was also caught alongside Mr. Goddey
Okoh, on his part, said that he was aware that Mr. Okoh was carrying out the
nefarious activities. He said that he is the one who used to watch out for him
whenever his friend wanted to go to the store, and that they have carried out
the operation many times before they were apprehended by the youths of N’Owa Ri
Nma. He stated that after every successful operation Mr. Okoh would give him
the sum of N12, 000, 00.


In an interview with the owner of the store, Mr.
Chigozie Onyenuchie aka, Etiokwe, he said he has been noticing that the bagsof
rice in his store have been missing for about 2 years running; and that he has
even sacked 2 of his workers because of it. He said that he has changed the
keys to his store several times, all to no avail; and that about 58 bags have
been stolen from the store since the past 7 months. Mr. Okoh however told
reporters that he has carted away over 70 bags from the store; lifting about 6
bags from each trip.


Speaking concerning the incident, Chairman of N’ Owa
Ri Nma Vigilante Group, Com. Lucky Okafor said that  about 2 months ago some of his boys came to
tell him that they saw Mr. Goddey Okoh carrying some bags of rice at Uromi
junction, and that when they asked him about it, he told them he was the owner.
But that in the morning of Friday, July 23, 2010, the owner of the shop came to
report to him that some bags of rice are missing from his store. He said that
when he asked him if there was any security man around the store that night,
the store owner, Mr. Chigozie mentioned Mr. Sylvester, aka, London Connection,
who he said, was found sleeping very close to the store by an Housa man. That
was when he told his boys to go and bring the two security men to their office
along Tete Street, considering the fact that they were seen sometime ago
carrying some bags of rice at Uromi Junction.


Com. Okafor said that the three persons will be
handed over to the police for further investigation.

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