Following the high level of misrepresentation and corruption in the country, believed to be necessited by godfatherism, a political group knowni as Ika South Political Stakeholders has resolved to say no to any form of imposition of candidates for elective positions in the area.

The resolution according to the group, was taken, so as to checkmate inordinate ambitious politicians who want to grab power at all cost. "We as political stakeholders have been blaming government before. Now, we have observed that the problem we are having are the foreigners imposed on us as our representatives. They parade themselves as leaders, ironically they are not, but just opportunists who after getting what they want, will return back to their base" they said. Adding that, "these representatives who are imposed on our people cannot deliver because the terrain in which they claim to belong is new to them and that has formed the reason why rural dwellers wallowing in abject poverty are not noticed."

The group therefore, appealed to the people of Ika South for increase political interest so that the electorate will stand the chance of making choices that are valid and will promote their interest. It also, called on the electorate to obtain their voters’ card, for there liestheir power to make choice. Moreso, in order to support and vote PDP candidates in the 2011 general elections the group charged the party’s leadership to take decisions that will serve general interest.

Members of the group include, Chief Nick Iduwe, legal professional, chairman, Mr. Jonathan Onwuka, Secretary, Hon Cordelia Onyia, Dr. Philip Okwuada, Comrade Jonathan Ojobu, Mr. M.N. Odiase, Mr. Paul Ebede, Benson Melekwe, Mr. Godwin Ezedom, Mr. Solomon Osih and Mr. Francis Ogini, and many others.

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