According to Mr. Usobo, who said she hails from
Ime-Obi and a food along Orubor Street, Agbor, “I woke up and was about leaving
for the place where I sell food along Orubor Street, about 6.30am in the
morning, when I suddenly notice some unusual feeling in my body. I decided not
to go to my store at that moment, but sent my son to deliver to those in our
store, the kerosene that we are going to use that morning.”


She further explained that, after regaining herself,
she left for her store, only for she to be halted by two strange looking young
men, who told her that her son in Lagos arrived Agbor last night, but was
stranded at Uromi Junction, so she should follow them  to assist him get down to their house at
Okwujen Street. “I told them that I do not know what they were saying that, if
truly my son travelled at night from Lagos to Agbor, he would at least board a
bike to the house or call us, so I refused going with them. But before I could
refuse further, I was touched with a handkerchief by one of them. Immediately I
lost consciousness and said to them let us go.


Mrs. Tina Usobo disclosed that, the two strange boys
who were speaking Ika language, whisked her away on their motorcycle to an
unknown destination, where she was later dropped in a bush around Oligie,
Igbanke. “When we got to a bush, one of them was following me from behind while
the other was in my front. We strolled into a little hut that looks like a
shrine, where they ushered me into the hands of one huge middle aged man that
they were calling Alhaji. Instantly I shouted Jesus, but one of them cut me
short and said that I will call Jesus till I get tired,” She said.


Mrs. Usobo said her kidnappers were telling
themselves that they have overcome poverty, adding that in their joyful mood
they decided to offer her a cup of tea, which she declined. “Alhaji shouted at
me that I must drink the tea. But to my greatest surprise when he resurfaced
from the hut, he started having quarrels with the boys on why they should bring
someone like me to him, and before the boys could utter a word, he ordered them
to take me  out of his presence,” she


She stated that the boys did not hesitate, as they
carried her to another part of the bush from where she found her way. According
to her, she immediately regained consciousness, after the boys had abandoned
her in the bush. When she later found her way to Oligie after wandering in the
bush for some minutes, she called her son in Lagos, who told her that he has no
knowledge of what the two strange boys told her.


However her husband, Mr. Augustine Usoboh, who
accompanied her to Ika Weekly office,
said that the matter has been reported to the Divisional Police Officer at the
Agbor Police Station. “I thank God for saving the life of my wife. I also use
the opportunity to tell people of Ika land to embrace God, so that they will
not fall to the tricks of the devil,” he advised.

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