A Renowned Union Leader and House of Representative aspirant, Chief Barrister Frank Onyisi Nwugo has reiterated his intension of giving the people of Ika nation qualitative and selfless representation if given the mandate to represent them at the Lower House of the National Assembly come 2011. The Idumuesah born Chief and grassroot politician said that the development of Ika land will be his number one priority and will do all he can to make sure that Federal presence is attracted to the area.

Giving further reasons why he is vying to represent Ika Federal Constituency at the National Assembly, the foremost tax and consultant said " I feel there is a gap between the expectations of the people and the reality of the moment viz a viz the expectations from those representing us in government. You will agree with me that we are yet to witness true democracy when it comes to federal level. It is no news to say that indigenes of Ika Nation can only testify to only state and local government projects. We cannot say that this project is executed by Federal Government that is attracted to Ika nation, and you will agree with me that over 50% of the national resources at the federal level. Therefore, if 50% of our income is accrued to the centre and we have nothing to show for it in Ika land, it mean we are almost out of the country in terms of infrastructural development.

"No federal government project in Ika nation in the field of education, health, communication and what have you. It is not that federal government is against us, no, it is a function of a lobbying strategy of those representing us at that level. So I feel that our quota is not coming to us, our entitlement is not coming to us. These things are not supposed to be so. By the grace of God, if I am giving the privilege, I can assure. And you can quote me, that if am voted for, there will be a change in Ika land in terms of the presence of federal projects".

The soft spoken gentleman asserted that, " Those that have represented Ika so far have done their best, may be it has not come to their minds to see these area that I have enumerated. They have their own priorities, and what they are giving is different from what is influencing me. They have their own desires, goals, manifestoes, that is totally different from mine."

Chief Barr. Nwugo also expressed his belief on a united Ika, irrespective of the clan you come from, noting that it is based on that, that he has made it as one of his political agenda, to act as a bridge builder across the eleven kingdoms that make up Ika land.

The learned gentleman of the bar also stated that, "my vision and mission is to re-orientate our people ie. Ika people both at home and in Disapora about the value and virtues of our unity as a people bounded in love and unity for peace and prosperity of our people. Secondly, to evolve a situation where the various traditional rulers of the eleven kingdoms in Ika ethnic extraction can come together, interact and discuss issues together for the common good of every Ika man and woman. Thirdly, to create an avenue through which we can tap the enormous mental and financial resources in Ika land for the development of our people. And lastly, to use the legislative opportunity to attract development for our teeming unemployed youths." Born 47 years ago at Ute-Okpu Maternity Home, Chief Barr. Frank Onyisi Nwugo is the Odozi-Ali of Idumuesah Kingdom in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State. He has travelled far and wide in pursuit of education and service to humanity. As a distinguished gentleman of note with good credibilities and abilities and one with good moral standing, Chief Barr.Nwugo has been able to hold strategic and sensitive positions and offices due to the absolute confidence reposed in him by his teachers, colleagues and the Government of the day. He maintained that having achieved much as a unionist, and community leader, he will bring his experience to bear at the National Assembly, and this I believe strongly will help attract developmental project to my area. I am appealing to my dear people of Ika nation to enthrone me through their votes, because, if they do, I will never fail them but rather leave legacies that will remain in the annals of history," he assured.

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