An elder statesment, astute politician and community leader, Chief Hon. Humphrey Iweriebon, also known as, Mkpitume or Ogidi of Africa has pledged his support for the Ika North East Constituency, Delta State House of Assembly aspirant, Mr. Christian Okpambo. He made this pledge on Tuesday when Mr. Okpambo and his political allies paid him a courtesy visit at his country home at Morka Street, Boji-Boji, Owa. While describing Mr. Okpambo as a very kind man who has helped almost everyone that has come his way, he said the people of Ika North-East should rally round Okpambo because he has the true vision of transforming the local government.

On his chance of wining the Ika North-East Constituency House of Assembly election next year, Mr. Christian Okpambo a.k.a Okpams Georgea answered that " a good product markets itself. It is not all about who is coming but his quality. I have been helping my people with the little I have, so if given the opportunity I will transform Ika North-East to a paradise" adding that " that is why I Christian Okpambo is bringing myself out as a sacrificial lamb to help my people. I will use the constituency allowance for what it is meant for. I will encourage and empower traders, youths, men and women. I can stand to assure my people anytime, any day that I will never disappoint them if they give me their mandate, to represent them in the state Assembly.

Mr. Okpambo blamed all who have represented and are still representing Ika land in government for not using their good offices to attract development to the area. " I am blaming our political class for failing us. They have use our money to build mansions for themselves at Asaba, Abuja and some major cities in the country. They registered their children in foreign schools in Ghana, U.K and U.S while our educational system is in shamble. They laid water pipes on the ground few years ago, yet no single water is rushing, the old Lagos/Asaba Road that linked the two local government in Ika land is a dead trap: They should give way for a change for that is what every Ika man is clamouring for "he opined.

The vocal and fearless Owanta born politician said if he is given the privilege to represent his people, he will bring the needed change that the people of Ika North-East are desiring. According to him, " I will transform our educational and health sectors. I will develop my constituency and give jobs to many unemployed in Ika land particularly the youths. I came from a poor background and I will not allow my people to remain in abject poverty. I am prepared to give back to them what they have given to me. I want to emulate good and selfless leaders like my mentor, Mr. Andrew Egonte, the civilian general and Chief Obafem Awolowo".

Regarding the question whether he will decamp if he fails to pick PDP House of Assembly ticket Mr. Okpambo said " I will never decamp or step-down for anybody I will fight till the end" He therefore implored all Ika people to register in the coming INEC registration exercise for there lies their strength to choose and credible leader that will give them quality and selfless representation.

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