Many residents in the Boji-Boji metropolis are now beginning to heave a sign of relief as work on the damaged portions of the Old Lagos/Asaba road has been intensified by the Delta State owned construction firm, Direct Labour Agency. The DLA which was ordered by the acting governor of Delta State, Prince Sam Obi to immediately embark on the rehabilitation of the road has since last week commenced serious work on the road.


Some  portions of the road such as   Professor Ebie/Reservoir junction, Owa Eke Junction/Oceanic Bank axis and Owanta junction, down to St John the Baptist Catholic Church, which were before the appointment  of Obi as acting governor, death traps, are now wearing a new look, as motorists and other users of the road now move with ease. The rigorous pains, numerous users of the Old Lagos/Asaba road usually passed through is now becoming a thing  of the past as the DLA staff, who are working everyday on the repair of the road in order to make it motorable before the dualization exercise continues.


A few stakeholders and residents in Boji-Boji metropolis who expressed joy with the development refused to give serious comment  on it, when approached by our reporter, with reasons that  the Delta State government has proven in several occasion that they cannot be trusted, especially now that the good intension of Prince Sam Obi for Ika land will not be fully accomplished because of his limited days in office, pointing  out that unless DLA hasten up and complete work on the repair they are doing on the Old Lagos/Asaba road, any subsequent government that comes up next may be reluctant to continue with it, a situation which may not be palatable, if dualisation on the road does not take place.


Outside those that have decided not to sing praises or make comments until the Old Lagos/Asaba road is fully repaired or dualised, many stakeholders who have been at the forefront in the fight against the former Delta State governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan’s  failure to fulfill his 2007 campaign promise to the people  of Ika nation on the dualisation of the Old Lagos/Asaba Road, such as Ika Landlords/Landladies  are very optimistic that the ninety days Prince Sam  Obi will stay in Office as acting governor of Delta State will make a big difference in the development of Ika land as some of the  teething problems in Ika land of which number one is the Old Lagos/Asaba road is now receiving serious attention.


Consequently Prince Sam Obi who, since assumption of office in November 17, 2010 as the state acting governor, has said time without number that the people of Ika nation should not nurse any fear as the dualisation of the Old Lagos/Asaba as promised by the Uduaghan administration will be a reality. As a man of his words, Prince Obi has since ordered every stakeholder concerned with the dualisation project to immediately mobilize themselves to work as soon as funds are available. 

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