INTRIGUE IN OZANOGOGO: My sister fights from her grave – Brother of slain widow

n  business man and astute politician
in Ika land who popularly goes by the name Apisco, has said that the spirit of
his sister, who died about six years ago is beginning to fish out those behind
her death. This was  in view of the
recent happenings in Idumu-Ewan quarters, Ozanogogo, Ika South Local Government

According to the
business man, Apisco, who spoke with Ika Weekly in an exclusive interview
recently, his sister, Mrs. Alice Idayi lived with her husband at Idumu-Ewan
quarters, Ozanogogo until she lost him in the year, 1993. Since then she
started living alone in the house, very close to the Jehovah Witness building
and another building belonging to her neighbor, Mr. Agwuazia. Her two grown up
daughters were given out in marriage. However one of her daughters, Mrs.
Iyalakwue Atuke Noredia, who was married to a man from Idumu-Ewan village, used
to live some houses away from her mothers, which made her to take food to the
widow once in a while.

Mr. Apisco said
that he was in his house in Agbor last day of January, 2004, when the daughter
of his younger sister came to tell him that her mother was found dead in her
room. He quickly prepared and went to Idumu-Ewan village to see what was
happening. He maintained that when he got to his sister’s place that evening
and saw that she was actually dead, he quickly alerted his brothers and other
relatives, to let them know of the woman’s death. He pointed out that when the
brothers arrived the compound and were about dressing up the corpse before
visitors would start coming in he saw that the mattress in which the woman was
lying, was soaked with blood. There was also a pool of blood under the bed.
That, he said made him suspicious, and he told his brothers to leave the corpse
alone. The matter was reported to the police in Agbor that same evening. The
next morning, February 1, 2004, the police arrived the Idayi’s  compound. It was discovered that the woman
was actually murdered, as her private part was stuffed with some pieces of
clothes and a part of her head, also with some deep cuts. Mr. Apisco stated that when the
daughter of the late woman was asked if she knew anything concerning the death
of her mother,  she told the police that
her mother had a quarrel with one of her neighbors a day before the incidence.
She stated that the quarrel  was as a
result of a palm tree in her mother’s compound which her neighbor, the
Agwuaziam’s  family used to cut. The
woman, it was gathered, used to allow the Agwuaziam’s family tap some wine from
the palm tree, and whenever the palm kernels were ripe, it was the Agwuazia’s
family that used to cut them down for her, as a compensation for tapping the
palm tree. She said that the cause of the quarrel was that a bunch of unripe
kernels was cut down by the Agwuaziam’s family, and when they brought it to
her, she quarreled with them for not allowing the fruit  to ripe before cutting it down. That, she
said, was the cause of the quarrel between 
her mother and the Agwuaziam’s family, which occured less than
twenty-four hours before her death.

The Agwuaziam’s
family was arrested and detained until the villagers held a meeting, to see how
they could be bailed out of police custody. Mr. Apisco stated that the body of
his late sister was deposited at the mortuary, until after some time, when she
was buried.

He posited that
what led to the matter resurfacing almost six years after, was the revelation
that was made by one Mr. Gbega, aka, Ozuzu, a native doctor that resides in
Agbor-Obi, on December   4, 2010. He said
that the native doctor claimed to have prepared some charms for one of
Agwuaziams family sometimes in the month of February 2004, in which only part
of the money charged the man, Efe Agwuazia was paid. It was as a result of Efe,
not paying back the money that the matter was reported to the elders of the
village. It was alleged,   at that time,
that it was the charm which the native doctor prepared for Efe Agwuozia, that
led to the death of one Chief Ikhu-Omoregbe a traditional chief in Agbor
kingdow, and a native of Ozanogogo who was determined to find out the killers
of Mrs. Alice Idayi.

During the
gathering of the villagers on Monday, December 13, 2010 at Idumu-Ewan Village,
where the native doctor, Ozuzu , Agwuazia’s family and the Ikhu-Omororegbe’s
family were asked to give their own side of the story concerning the death of
the Agbor Chief and other unpleasant happening within the village, the young
man, Efe Agwuazia said he did not have a hand in the death of anyone in the
village. His father,  Mr. Akwuazia also
said that there was never a time he had a quarrel with late Mrs. Alice Idayi,
let alone having a hand in her death.

At the palace of
Dein of Agbor kingdom, the Agwuaziam’s 
family, including the native doctor, was taken to another native doctor
somewhere outside the town as to find out if the Agwuazia’s family had a hand
in the death of Chief Ikhu-Omorogbe.

As stated in an earlier publication of Ika Weekly  newspaper, the Ikhu Omoregbe’s family gave
their own side of the matter. The Agwuizias’s family also spoke to Ika
Weeklyi concerning the
matter. More details of the happenings, which led to the exhumation of
different charms, buried about six years ago at different parts of Oza-Nogogo
village, will be published in subsequent publications. According to Mr. Apisco,
the story has just begun, as he believes 
his late sister is beginning to take actions more disastrous than human

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