g  to represent the people of Ika
South in the Delta State House of Assembly is to liberate them from
limitations, especially in the area of human development, which he emphasized
is of great interest to him.

Hon. Ebede who
said that he believes so much in human development disclosed that it has always
been a passion for him sating that if elected, he would concentrate on boosting
the human capital resources of Ika South, which he observed are currently

According to the
public speaker, “That was what gave birth to my school, Knowledge Island. I
didn’t study Education and could not have been employed as a teacher but the
talent and passion I have for human capacity building gave birth to the school.
I do not want only the pupils in my school to benefit hence my mission at the
House of Assembly, if elected, would be to improve the standard of education.
There is the need for the government to invest more on developing the mind. I
will use the curriculum I designed to improve public schools”.

Hon. Ebede who
also runs Cardinal Farms located along Benin/Asaba expressway said that his
second focus will be on employment which will be on job creation by
individuals. He disclosed that over the years, he has been going from community
to community teaching youths particularly Youth Corps members how they can
create jobs for themselves, to reduce unemployment.

“I want to
organize and teach the educated young graduates how to create jobs for
themselves instead of waiting for government. I have never worked for any
organization, I have instead created jobs, which have been used as a means of
employment. Unemployment is not a big problem, we can convert it to our own
advantage and create jobs for ourselves. Through knowledge Island School,
Cardinal Farms and only recently, Winners Finance, where I am the Executive
Director, we have succeeded in creating employment for many of our people. The
Winners Finance is an organization growing very fast and we are looking at
increasing our staff strength. I coordinated others to set it up. That is what
I am saying. If we are able to organize ourselves into groups, then we will be
able to do something reasonable for ourselves and the society”.

The House of
Assembly hopeful stressed that he does not believe in distributing money for
people but prefers working on those areas that enhance people’s lives, which he
said is far better than sharing meager amounts for them asking, whether is
better to teach people to fish or to give them fish? He noted that what the
traditional politicians give out has not produced any positive change. ‘It has
kept us in perpetual begging position. 
If you really want to lead the people, you serve them. The level of
poverty and despondency is very high in our communities. This has largely                  informed my decision to be a

Hon. Ebede who
said that he does not subscribe to clannish politics stated, “ I do not believe
in where you come from but in giving solution to peoples, problems and meeting
their needs. I am out to serve my people, to render selfless service. Thank God
that our people are growing above that archaic sentiment of place of origin.
They are more concerned with service and improving their well being.  The deception of clan or place of origin has
been a big limitation in our developmental drive.

On his leaving
the PDP for the Accord Party to pursue his ambition, the self development
expert said that he has been in the PDP, where he has given others opportunity
to run but, “when I saw that the LGA PDP executive will not give me a level
playing ground, I left because I know my name will stand better than any other

the assumption that he came out late, Hon. Ebede debunked the claim saying that
“my coming out is something most churches and youths have been waiting for. I
am not a new face in Ika South politics. So I do not think I am late in making
my intention known to the good people of Ika South. I believe that people will
make a way for me. I will encourage our people to look and make critical
assessment of each candidate and make an informed decision. They should not
look at the physical or financial ability but on integrity and capability to
deliver. They should check whether their representative can give effective
representation. If you see he has been able to manage his home then he can improve
on the macro level”.

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