Political leaders in Ika South local government area have been cautioned against wiping up clannish sentiments in their bid to remain relevant in the political environment. The call was made by the chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Ika South, Hon. Isaac Ulebor.

Hon Ulebor who was addressing the press over an alleged misunderstanding he had with the member representing Ika South constituency at the State House of Assembly, Hon. Barr. Martin Okonta, on Tuesday, March, 1, 2011, at Agbor, stressed that there was the need for politicians in the area to be mindful of their actions and utterances to avoid creating tension in the polity.

�Our political leaders should try to create and maintain cordial relationship and friendliness so that the atmosphere will be conducive for us to politic, politicians in the two clans of Agbor and Abavo should exercise restraint, so as not to create unnecessary tension between the two clans. The unhealthy development whereby anytime any Agbor politician visits Abavo, he is embarrassed, is not good for the politicl process and could lead to conflict between people from both clans. Ojougboh visited Abavo, he was embarrassed and recently myself was equally embarrassed during Okowa�s Campaign visit to ward 10 in Abavo. If this kind of thing continues, it might lead to community clash, which none of us want� he explained.

Hon Ulebor explained that on that fateful day, I was in the campaign entourage of Dr. Okowa, the PDP senatorial candidate for Delta North, when we visited ward 10, in Abavo. While introducing Dr. Okowa, Barr. Martin Okonta insisted that I also introduce him, which I refused, explaining to him that it was not right as the campaign was not his but that of Okowa. I told him that my responsibility is to encourage the people to vote for all PDP candidates for the various positions. But that the only person that deserves personal recognition and introduction was Dr. Okowa. Immediately I finished explaining he got angry and we started arguing. Suddenly, his boys surrounded me and started threatening to beat me up for not introducing their master�.

Hon. Ulebor who disclosed that the matter was later resolved warned that �If such situations are allowed, whereby political leaders from Agbor are embarrassed each time they have cause to visit Abavo is not nipped in the bud it could degenerate into a communal conflagration that will be highly detrimental to the peaceful relationship between the two kingdoms� adding that �if anyone that visits Abavo is attacked, then I wonder the kind of politics we will be said to be practicing�.

The party chairman noted that at the level of political advancement and exposure of the principal actor, he expected him to handle issues with all sense of maturity and discipline and behave like a true political leader. �We are not hooligans and gangsters�.

On allegation that Okonta threatened to withdraw his official car, which he said he bought for the party chairman, Hon Ulebor said he reminded him that he (Okonta) did not give the car to him but to the party.

On efforts being made to reconcile aggrieved member of PDP who left the party on the wake of alleged manipulation of the party primaries, the party boss said �we are all politicians and we understand the internal mechanism to handle such issues. We are indeed handling it at the party level. Grievances are bound to come up after such exercise but I can assure you, it is being handled by the party leadership�.

Hon. Ulebor who expressed confidence that PDP will emerge victorious in the April polls stressed the supremacy of the party and urged all members to vote to ensure all round victory for the party at the polls.

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