l  with Dr. Cairo Ojougboh. He made the declaration
against the backdrop of rumor going round that he was having misunderstanding
with his political mentor.

Barr. Okonta who
was addressing members of Agbor Solidarity Forum for Okonta who paid him a
courtesy visit at his country home at Abavo stressed that Ika South is united,
adding that anybody trying to create a dichotomy between Agbor and Abavo is
doing that for selfish interest.

“We do not want a
situation where Agbor or Abavo is used as a political tool to project
individuals political interest. I do not subscribe to ethnic or clannish
politics, I am particularly interested in development and issue based politices
that will affect the lives of our people positively. We do not have Itsekiri
governor or Ijaw president. If  we play
ethnic or clannish politics, we will only succeed in creating discontent among
our people thereby hindering our development. In Ika South, we are one, our
people  intermarry. But politicians try
to create an impression of Agbor and Abavo dichotomy , propagating what they
refer to as Agbor or Abavo agenda. As far as I am concerned, there is nothing
like that. Those doing that are promoting their selfish interest” he pointed

Barr. Okonta who
is the PDP House of Assembly candidate for Ika South in the forthcoming April
polls, explained that in the last four years positions and projects have been
equitably distributed between the two clans, adding that in the teaching
appointment, Agbor got 151 while Abavo was given 71 opportunities. “Even in
allocating public offices, Agbor has House of Representatives, Commissioner and
Council Chairman, while Abavo has House of 
Assembly. We need peace and development in Ika South.  Propagation of false hood will not serve us
any good”.

While urging the
people to vote for PDP in all  positions,
The House of Assembly member disclosed that he has given countless numbers  of persons of Agbor extraction scholarship
and employment but regretted that instead of being encouraged, he is being  velified as non performer.

He noted that
among Ika public office holders, he is the most criticized “Nothing is said
about other public office holders. It is always Okonta both in Ika
Weekly and Anioma Watch”.

Okonta who said
he will remain grateful to Dr. Ojougboh for bringing him into political limelight
promised to give purposeful represention to Ika South, adding that he will be
giving stewardship every 3 months, if given the mandate. “We want to set a new
pace in Ika South. We have resolved to concentrate on the empowerment of the
youths. We should therefore go to the election with independent mind, free of
any premeditation misgiving”.                      

Speaking on
behalf of Agbor Solidarity  Forum for
Okonta, Mr. Aluge Obia Kainji thanked Okonta for his broadmindedness. He opined
stressed that anybody using Agbor cause as a front for his political interest
is only deceiving the people of Agbor, as according to him “There is nothing
like Agbor agenda. It is only being used by some selfish individuals to achieve
their interest.  They do not have  the well being of our people at heart. I
stand to say that there is no Agbor cause. It is all about deception of some
very few persons”.

Mr. Obia who
called on the people of Ika South to take their destiny in their own hands
noted that there is no quarrel between Ojougboh and Okonta as both of them are
like father and son, who have a strong bond that cannot be broken by any
political propaganda

He reminded the
people that PDP is the official party of Ika South and so should give the
party’s candidates all needed  support
and massive votes come April, 2011.

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