h  claimed the lives of two cultists,
believed to be members of the Vikkings Confraternity, a source disclosed, was a
summation of a long time feud between members of the two rival groups.

According to the
source, the killings started on Sunday night at Ime-Obi, when  one, Mr. Onyebigwa, a trader and renowned
cultist in the area was shot in his provision store, near Afia Ogbema market,
around 10:00pm.“A friend of mine
and I were just coming from one of our community leaders house, walking toward
Mr. Onyebigwa’s provision store, when suddenly we heard a gun shot. We took to
our heels. At first we thought it was men of the Nigeria police, only for us to
hear later that the gun shots were from cultists living in the area. When we
managed to get to the scene of the incident a few minutes later, Mr. Onyebigwa
was found dead, lying  in his own pool of
blood right there in his store”, the source disclosed.

He went further to
say that, the death of Onyebigwa, triggered off argument that led to the death
of another member of the group, called Junior, the following morning. Junior, a
one time tenant in the deceased cultist fathers house was said to be  a stubborn and wayward boy, who had before he
met his waterloo been bullying youths in the area, adding that now that the boy
is dead, at least youths in the area will now heave a sigh of  relief.When Ika
Weekly visited the place where it was reported that Junior was killed
behind Total Filling Station, Ohumere, the men of the Nigeria Police, Agbor
Division were said to have taken the corpse away, just as feelers informed our
reporter that this might be the genesis 
of cult killings in Agbor as the rival cult group whose  members were killed will not take it likely
with the other group.

Efforts to reach
the Agbor Divisional Police Officer, Mr. Danmamman on his take on the issue
before going to the press was abortive, as he was not on seat during a visit to
his office. However, he has previously told newsmen that his men were out for
criminals and all criminal minded people in Agbor and its environ. It is
believed that whatever evil activities cult members in Ime-Obi has in mind, the
Agbor Police men are equal to the task.

Speaking to Ika
Weekly on the resurgence of cult related killings in Agbor, Mr. Sunday
Ibude, who is the chief security officer to the Ika South council chairman
lamented the wasting of lives of  youths,
blaming parents and guardians who failed in their  duties to bring up their children and wards
in the fear of God.

Mr. Ibude who
identified  the two opposing cult groups
as Vikings and Black Axe therefore called on parents and guardians to give
their children and wards proper upbringing to reduce the number of undesirable
elements in Ikaland. “Those involved in this anti-social activities are youths
who were not properly brought up. They are serious threat to the society.
Infact they have become a menace to a once peaceful Agbor community”. he statedThe CSO also called
on landlords and caretakers to join in the fight against criminal elements
in  Agbor by assisting law enforcement
agents with vital information that could help fish out criminals and cultists
living in their houses, adding that “the police and other security agencies are
willing and poised to eradicate the menace but they need information to help
them, and this can only come through people”.

Mr. Ibude called on
the police to enforce the closure of beer parlours once it is 10pm, as
according to him that is where these people go to hatch their evil plans. He
equally pleaded with Agbor elders to join in the fight against the menace of
cultism,  which he noted is claiming the
lives of the youths.   He said he was able
to succeed in cutailing the activities of the cult boys in the past
because  of the support he got from
residents of Agbor, adding that he is about to launch an offensive against
them. He therefore pleaded with all those 
involved in cult related activities in Agbor and environs to retrace
their steps as anybody caught will not be spared. “We are waging  serious war against these evil people” he

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