Ika South: Kingsley Nonye Philips adopted as consensus candidate

It is now official that Mr. Kingsley Nopnye Philips (DPP) has been adopted by other candidates in Ika South vying for the Delta House of assembly seat as their consensus candidate to run against the incumbent Hon. Okonta. As at the time of reporting, the only candidate that has not backed Mr. Kingsley Nopnye Philips is Dr. Okwuada who is contesting under AC.

The idea of a consensus candidate was pushed by Ika South Elders and organizations that have been passionate about removing Hon. Martins Okonta from the House of Assembly on account of his poor performance. Remarkably, Martins Okonta has himself claimed publicly that he has performed poorly.

Another reason motivating Ika-South elders is the public endorsement of Martins Okonta by Governor Uduaghan. Uduaghan was said to be bent on returning Martins Okonta at all cost. This, plus the obvious neglect of Ika-South by the State Government, has made Okonta target.

When Ikaworld.com spoke to Noye Philips today, he was full of praise for the other candidates that adopted him.

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