The purpose of the article was
very clear. The writer berated Agbor people for not following the wind of
change in Nigeria polity during the April 2011 election. I noted that Mr.
Ehikwe predicted serious danger ahead in our political and sociological
existence as a people. He was down to earth on events that may explode and expose
every Agbor man to a disgrace before other tribes in Delta State and Nigeria at
large. He said that the last General election left indelible marks that will
not be forgotten for a long time. Mr. Ehikwe elaborated that he had earlier
warned in a write up before the elections that a wind of change was blowing in
the politics in Nigeria and that Agbor people should not resist that change.
But what happened at Agbor during the elections was a reciprocal of the
expected wind of change. I considered Mr. Ehikwe’s warning signals and observed
that there was no change in the last House of Assembly election in Ika South
Local Government Area. The result showed that we have not only given a clear
mandate or passmark to the candidate who won the election but have encouraged
him to continue in office as long as he wishes. Nobody spoke out or condemned
the injustice done to the other contestants who lost. Mr. Ehikwe hammered on
the Ika Federal Constituency election and said that the wind of change he
advocated for was heedless and that Agbor agenda was not followed. The
interpretation of this is that we have lost in both House of Assembly and House
of Representatives as far as Agbor Agenda is concerned. Mr. Ehikwe did not
speak so much on the Senatorial election nor did he speak on the consequences
of the result. However, it was to our glory that an Ika man won the election
for the upper house but what happens if the Ika mans fails to bring the
dividends of democracy to Ika South Local Government Area during the next four
years. The Agbor man will still continue to suffer. Mr. Ehikwe did not mention
the consequences of the Governorship election in Ika South in his article. I
mean he did not state the effect of the results of the gubernatorial elections.
I understand the incumbent Governor has the detailed results of ward to ward
and Local Government to Local Government as well as where he was massively
voted for and areas where he was not voted for. Although we are all clapping
hands and singing praises to the Governor on his victory, but it is difficult
for anyone to predict what he is going to do or what is in his mind. He can
choose to help only those who voted for him and leave those who did not vote
for him. If my guess is right, Agbor will still remain what it is in the next
four years, unless we are able to mend fences now. It is often said that if you
can not beat them you join them. If we had heeded to Mr. Ehikwe’s advice,
perhaps there would have been a way out. If we had taken cue from what is
happening in politics, in the Yoruba area or in Igbo area, Agbor people would
have been smiling after the elections. As it is at the moment, the Agbor man
can only occupy any position of power by share luck. Mr. Ehikwe questioned that
rationale behind Government gesture of giving political appointment to our
Queen Mother. He enunciated that this is a direct insult to the Agbor man. He
said that giving political appointment to our Queen Mother makes her answerable
to the Governor when the Governor should be answerable to her, as far as
politics in Agbor is concerned. Even the President of Nigeria goes with cap in
hand to solicit for votes in Palaces like our own and the Queen Mother at this
level, could give orders through the kings to the President to make promises of
what he will do for the people. Now that our Queen Mother is under civil
service rules with the Governor, why will she not subscribe to the order of the
Governor and other top Government Officials. By this assertion, I noted that
Mr. Ehikwe was preserving the integrity of our Queen Mother and the prestige of
our palace. I want to add that every Agbor man is of the opinion that the
Governor would not have done what he did if our HRM. Obi Ikechukwu or HRM Obika
Gbenoba was alive. Mr. Ehikwe also challenged the Governor to check his
unacceptable action by giving such political appointment to the Queen of the
Olu of Warri or the Queen Mother of the Ovie of Agbon. I consider Mr. Ehikwe’s
write up as a bold step. He has seen dangers befalling Agbor Kingdom in the
next four years when the present regime will be in power. His predictions will
become real when political appointments at both the Federal and State are
announced and there is no man from Agbor Kingdom. His action calls for a
revolution in our political system. We can not continue to play second fiddle
in our lives every time. This state and Nigeria in particular belongs to all of
us. We can not continue to wait and watch other people from different ethnic
groups continue to enjoy the wealth in our land while we continue to allow in
abject poverty. It is time to rise up and claim our rightful position. We can
do this not by force of arms but by coming together to form a strong body that
will be given a name after the formation. I feel that the associations springing
up here and there are not powerful enough to cope with the present trend. If
you consider the huge money and time spent by our present young men and women
who came out boldly to challenge the ugly politics in Agbor during the last
election, you will agree with me that there is need for action unless we do
something now, Agbor will continue to remain an ancient and forgotten kingdom.
By this article, I will advise Mr. Ehikwe to please publish in Ika Weekly or
Anioma Watch on how to reach him or how to set up an association or body for
the emancipation of politics in Agbor. Interested group or persons will then
register and air their views on this project. God bless Agbor people and Agbor




Dr. A.E. Monye

Author and Contemporary

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