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The proverbs of
Solomon, son of David, king of Israel advises that, “To know wisdom and
instruction, to understand words of insight, to receive instruction in wise
dealing, in righteousness, justice, and equity, to give prudence to the simple,
knowledge and discretion to the youth. Let the wise hear and increase in
learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance, to understand a proverb
and saying, the word of the  wise and

This was the case
as Ika community in the United States of America was blessed to receive wise
counsels from someone known to the world, an illustrious son of our homeland, a
pioneer in his own right, a role model to many, some one GREAT, the one and
only Retired Deputy Inspector General (D.I.G) of Nigeria Police Force, Chief
Donald Ugbaja, the Ozomo of Owa in Ika North-east Local Government Area of
Delta State, Nigeria.

The Ozomo arrived
in the United States of America on June 10, 2011 at JFK International Airport
in New York. Amongst those present to welcome him at the airport were the
Ozomo’s second daughter, Mrs. Joy Igwe (nee Ugbaja), as well as the leader of
Ika community in the Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut),
Hon. Elliot Isibor. Wherever the Ozomo went, everyone wanted to shake his hands
because most of us grew up either knowing 
him  personally, or heard of his
exemplary service as he rose through the ranks in the Nigerian Police Force,
until he retired as Deputy Inspector General. As indigenes of Ika land, he made
us all proud.

Throughout his
visit and travels to many parts of the United States, the Ozomo was appraised
of the level of frustration of the Ika indigenes in Diaspora feel, particularly
the for lack of progress in our homeland. We hear about the sufferings of our
people, the dilapidated infrastructures, inaccessible roads, decay in
educational prowess of our youths, the lack of jobs for our graduates, etc. To
these myriads of issues, the D.I.G was quick to share bits of widom and
information he thought would be helpful to us, the Ika indigenes in Diaspora in
alleviating our concerns and our views of the lack of progress as were narrated
to   him by many. In his usual calm
demeanour, he urged us not to give up hope, we should do all we can to liase
with our kinfolks at home. According to him, we all have a stake in ensuring
that Ika land and her people are never forgotten. As the saying goes,” Alionye
wu nduan,” and “Onye Donzi Ihien Orina Nma.”

Among the many
places the Ozomo of Owa toured was Dallas, a city in the State of Georgia (not
the Dollas in the state of Texas), where he visited his eldest daughter, Mrs.
Isioma Onyeugbo and her family. The Ozomo visited places of interest in
Atlanta, including the Grave and the Library dedicated to the slain civil
rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr, the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Down
town Atlanta where Dr. King worshipped prior to his assassination in 1968.

Chief Ugbaja
later visited the State of Texas, the home state of Mr. Michael Ndidi Ebie, the
esteemed leader of all Ika citizens in the USA. Chief Ugbeja, had many
interactions with Mr. Mike Ebie and was roundly entertained and hosted by his
four sons who reside in Houston, Texas, namely; Mr. Solomon Ugbaja and his family,
Mr. Donald Ugbaja Jr. and his family, and Mr. Anderson Ugbaja and his family,.
Wherever he went, the Ozomo was warmly received by Ika community.

Chief Ugbaja
rounded off his tour of the USA by returning to new Jersey, (Tri-State Area)
where his visit had commenced. He was honoured with a Grand reception befitting
a man of his incredible status. The reception was hosted by his daughter, Mrs.
Joy Igweh (nee Ugbaja), and his son-in-law, Chief Humphrey Nnamdi at their
residence. In attendance at the reception were the “cream de la cream,” of the
Igbo and Ika communities in New Jersey. Prominent among whom are: Honourable
and Madam Elliot Isibor, Mazi Anthony Uwaoma, President of the apex Igbo
Organizations in New Jersey (Igbo USA), the secretary of the organization, Mr.
Noel Akosa, Dr. Moe Ene, Dr. and Dr. (Mrs.) Kenneth Igwe, Chief Clifford
Achonye, Dr and Mrs. Myke Anazodo, Sir and Lady Jasper Okwuosa, Dr. Iheyinwa,
Mazi Jude Mdam, Mrs. Edith Nwaeze, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Akpu. Others are Ms.
Perp Mgbada, Mrs. Chioma Afoke,. Mr. Ben Onyeugbo son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs.
Vitalis Anyanwu and a host of others. Chief Ugbaja has since returned to

Places visited in
the Tri-State area include, Ellis Island, The Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero
(World Trade Centre) According to Mr. Michael Ndidi Ebie, the National
President of Ika National Association, USA, Inc, we were greatly honoured by
his visit; his wise counsels will remain indelible in our hearts. We thank God
for his life; we love him and wish him well. Long Live Ika land!!!

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