.  John Onuwa, alas
Warlokoh, who  some few weeks ago was
reported to have stolen some tubers of yam from a farm at Umunede?.        

This time around, Mr. John Onuwa has been accused
again of breaking in and stealing inside a provision store at about 11pm after
a heavy downpour that occurred on Friday night of 29th July 2011 at
Obi quarters, Umunede in Ika North- east local government area.

According to the owner of the provision store, Mrs.
Precious Obodozue, Warlokoh was caught by a 
passer-by who thought it was her, the owner of the store  and called her to know what she might be
doing in her store at that time of the night. She stated that the passer by
said that her refusal to respond made him come closer to the supposedly owner
of the shop, only to discover that it was a man who was dressed in a woman’s
attire. She went on to say that an attempt to question him made Mr. Onuwa to bring
out a cutlass and  threatened to kill
him, if he did not leave the place at once. Unfortunately the suspect was
unlucky, as another passer-by appeared at the scene at that time, which made
Warlokoh to escape into the darkness of the night.         

Mrs. Obodozue said that information about the incident
came to them few minutes later, and that Warlokoh was later caught between the
hours of 1.30am and 2.00am that same night by the Umunede Vigilante group. The
items that he made away with from the store were found at the place where they
were hidden under some flower trees in their compound.

Information reaching Ika Weekly further has it
that Warlokoh has been taken to the police station at Umunede, while the items
stolen have been returned to the owner of the provision store.

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