Owing to the deplorable state of roads and streets in Agbor, which for sometime now is making movement within the metropolis difficult, some concerned Agbor men have decided to intervene by seeking for palliative measures. According to them the palliative measure is necessary, because it will temporarily help to reduce the plight of road users in Agbor. The concerned Agbor men are: Chief J.E. Imudia, the Onyenwon ihian of Agbor, Chief Philip Igumbor, the Osague of Agbor, Chief Larry Onya, the Konye ri ni Dein of Agbor, Hon Godwin Ezedom, Hon Sunny Ogwu, Mr. Peter Idion, Mr. P.S. Nwakor, Mr. Ashien, Hon John Nwagimejen and Comrade Dele Akpatashi. During their inspection of some of the damaged roads in Orogodo metropolis, the group observed that almost all the gutters are blocked with refuse, which are impeding the free flow of water, thereby creating gullies and potholes in he middle of the roads. The places inspected are Imudia/Mariere, Imudia/Charles, Professor Ebie/Old Lagos/Asaba, Baleke/Aghakun, Baleke/Ebeye and Edike Streets.

At Professor Ebie/Old Lagos Asaba, businessmen and mechanics in the area were given one week to clear the gutter in front of their offices/workshops, failure of which they will be penalized. At Baleke/Aghakum Streets, young boys who were seen washing motor bike on the busy Baleke Street  were asked to move their okada wash business to their compound, while business people in the area were also told to clear up the gutters at their stores. Both residents and business people living in the areas inspected promised to co-operate with the move to bring palliative measure to damaged roads/streets in Agbor, but urged government to expand the s which because of their tiny size cannot contain the volume of water flowing through it.

Speaking with Ika Weekly, the secretary and one of the initiators, Hon Godwin Ezedom said they are not happy with the bad state of roads in Agbor, which if not attended to now will impede free movement in the town. He said they have met with the Director of Personal Management in Ika South Local Government who requested that they should inspect the bad roads first, and bring him report, so that they will know the next line of action to be taken.

Hon Ezedom disclosed that even if government has no money to fix the roads now, little amount of money should be provided to carry out temporary repairs, particularly in open areas like Professor Ebie, Baleke, Mariere and Imudia Streets; assuring that if this is done, the few months or years the roads will last,  the plight of the users will be reduced.

Similarly Chief Larry Onyia, in an interview with Ika Weekly stated that they cannot continue to wait for the government while things are getting out of hand, that is why they have decided to seek for palliative measures saying that,  that will at least help put the roads in temporary use before government intervention. He asserted that during their inspection, they discovered areas that needed to be filled with hard core materials, stressing that efforts are already on top gear to  carry  out the repairs. He urged all well meaning Agbor people to  join hands in developing their land,  rather than leaving everything for government alone to do. On his part, Chief J.E. Imudia said they will keep working towards the development of Agbor, asking other persons living in the community to also assist them by playing their own parts. He said anyone found blocking public gutters will not go unpunished.

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