Nigeria is blessed
with very capable and resourceful hardworking women.
The general impression is that women are becoming incrementally more successful
in the country’s work force.
Today, more and women are represented in the work force in greater numbers than
ever. They are now holding a higher percentage of managerial and executive jobs
than in the past. Women-owned businesses here doubled in the past few years.
This means women have secret weapons, opportunities to deploy their special
strengths and the ability to adapt talents typically thought to be men’s
However, education is by far, women’s most powerful secret weapon against
discrimination. If more women are educated, our society will surely be a better
Empowering women is a task that must be done for them to contribute their quota
to the family and the nation at large.
No nation is truly developed except women are taken along and encouraged to
contribute their quota.
Ika nation have come of age and cannot be left behind in this new trend. As the
proverbs says: When the two hands wash each other, the will be clean – this in
effect means that the various organs and agencies in Ika land including the
traditional institutions saddled with the responsibility of elevating poverty
and providing micro finance scheme should give propriety to the women fork
towards actualization and ensure that women make serious inroad in the
knowledge-power equation.

Girl child education
should be taken seriously and be pursued with vigour and the urgency it takes.
Thus, her qualification, family background and personality will get her to
wherever she desires to be in life. That way, she will not have to struggle to
be empowered because she already empowered naturally.
Ika nation must wake up from her slumber and ensure that Ika women take their
rightful place in the scheme of things.The appointment of the Mother Queen, the election of Ika women into state house
of assembly, national assembly etc is seen as one of the step are allowed to
contribute to nation building. However, a lot needs to be done to equate
men-women participating.
I call on the State Governor, Traditional rulers and other stake holders to
enact laws towards sustaining to consider this important aspect of our national
time to act is now!Christopher Okonta chrisokonta2000@yahoo.co.ukWrites from Lagos, Nigeria

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