at the moment is difficult for the residents of N0 25 Ojekpolor by
Morka Street as their properties and valuables were lost to the fire
the fire outbreak was said to have started at about 11:30 am in the
morning following the high voltage that was brought at about 11:15am
the voltage that was brought in the area Ika Weekly gathered that
occupants of the house were not at home when the fire started.
to Ika Weekly, one of the sympathizers Mr. Vincent Odiniwe said that
his was at a drinking spot cooling off when he heard that the said
house was on fire and immediately fire fighters were called. He
stated before that, before they arrived, people around were using
buckets to fetch water to extinguish the fire. fighters arrive, they
tried to put off the fire, while some youths were mobilized to
prevent the fire from entering into the houses around. He pleaded
with Nigerians to always check their houses before leaving for work
especially when it comes to issues of electricity.

Odiniwe commended the fire fighters for their quick response and
effort to ensure that the fire are completely put off, urging them to
put more efforts in their work stating that this act showed that
Nigeria is out for a change.
Anthony a tenant in the burnt house said he was at his place of work
when he was called that his house was on fire, stating that he had no
idea of what caused the fire. Mr. Anthony who is a father of six
children, pleads with the State Government to come to their
assistance as every thing he has in life was lost in the fire, the
thanked God that in the fire incident.
Eze Michael, a businessman and owner of the burnt building said he
was called at about 12noon and was told that his house was on fire.
When he got to Covent Street by Morka Street, he saw smoke and crowd
gathered in front of his house, immediately he fainted.
Eze said he has no idea of what caused the fire but thanked God that
no soul was lost.
however appealed to the Delta State government to come to his aid as
he has lost both his building and properties in the fire disaster. He
can be reached on 08060802242.
close to three hours, efforts made to put off the fire almost proved
abortive as more than three thanks of water were used to put off the
the time of filing this report, no casualty has been recorded but
properties worth millions of naira were gone in the inferno.

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