KUDOS TO IKA PROGRESSIVE YOUTH. Totally disagree with Bar. Eugene Uzum

I write to disagree with the assertion made by Barrister Eugene Uzum in condemning the statement credited to Ika Progressive Youth, as published in Anioma Watch of Tuesday, September 27, 2011, under the headline "Ika Youths indicts Ika political Leaders"

In my candid opinion, Ika Progressive Youth as a pressure group has really described the kind of political leaders we have in Ika land. Majority of them, if not all, are greedy, selfish, unrefined and unprincipled. None has a genuine political philosophy worthy of emulating by the youths.

I expected Bar. Uzum to have commended the indefatigable courage of Mr. Emmanual Osiesi, the Public Relations Officer of the group for the open disgrace in lambasting the acclaimed political leaders who had remain defiant to democratic changes and principles.

In fact, what is the relevance of Pan Anioma Magazine & Trend Magazine award to an Ika political sons and daughters and their representation at ECOWAS parliament, to average citizens of Ika nation, who are faced with enormous challenges of infrastructural decay and other socio-economic vices?

To all intent & purposes, it is an axiom that lawyers are learned gentlemen, but the case of Bar. Uzum is totally at variance with the principle. The N 20 billion borrowed by the then Acting Governor and approved by the State Executive Council for the purpose of completing the dual carriageway of the old/Lagos Asaba road went into the drain without the completion of the road. An action described by the barrister as the "exclusive prerogative" on executive issues. What an embarrassment!

The constructive criticism of Ika Progressive Youth against Ika political leaders is a welcome development, since it will strengthen their political weaknesses and enable them to focus critically on development of the society with great emphasis on job creation.

It will also help to reduce the local interest of Ika leaders who enjoys gossip, establishment of militia groups and the looting of the public treasury. A society without opposition is bound to fail.

Finally, Anioma voice at the senate is quite low considering the absence of practical legislative experience. Let us stop the attitude of praising leaders that have failed woefully in various public capacities just because of peanut, since it will jeopardize the needed growth and development of the land.

All youth bodies including the Urhobo Youth Council, Ijaw Youth Congress & Ugborodo Trust do criticize their leaders if they are performing below expectation, as no society can condole political laxity, corruption, stealing of the people’s money meant for development and poor representation by their political juggernauts.

I am quite convinced that Ika Progressive Youth will definitely appreciate Ika political icons, particularly those in the past, who have made name on the sand of time and also condemn, with all seriousness, those that have brought shame and disrepute to Ika Kingdom, for it is bad to look on while others (the hoipolloi) suffer.

Engr. Ifeanyi Charles Aghaulor

A Human Rights Activist & Director,

Biogas Development Company.

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