An aspirant for Ika North East Council, chairmanship Hon Chief Jacob Azubulke, has called on the people of the local government area to be very careful in their choice of selecting candidates which will represent them.

Hon. Azubuike, who was a former appointee and at the same time elected councilor in the old Ika Local Government council and later became the secretary to Ika North East Local Government in 2002-2003 said he has all it takes to give a purposeful leadership to the people of Ika North-east. He stated that an experienced man who understands and knows the pains and needs of his people should be given the mandate to run the affairs of the council, for the benefit of everybody

Speaking further, he said projects and programmes that will change the lives of the common man will be initiated, adding that the local government is the best place for him to touch lives. He said if elected, he would initiate a monthly financial allocation to the various communities under the local government council.

Hon Azubuike, who said he will be contesting the chairmanship seat under the platform of the Democratic Peoples Party, (DPP) said he has the desire to restructure the local government to make it more effective and active.

He appealed to the National Assembly to look into the bill on local government autonomy, so that the third tier of government will be empowered for proper administration, also appealing to the federal Government to revisit the issue of revenue allocation to the local government councils, as 20 percent allocation to the 774 local government councils is not enough for the local government area to have a meaningful impact on the people.

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