The chairman, Mr. Sunny Onyejose and members of the action congress of Nigeria (ACN), Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State, on the 8TH of December, 2o11, while speaking with ika Weekly, have strongly affirmed that the party’s elected chairman in Ika North East, Mr. Sunny On yejose, is still its chairman.

According to Mr. Onyejose, someone who is not even a member of the party (ACN,)along with some followers, have been parading himself as the chairman of the party in the local government.

He stressed that the posing chairman is not a registered member of the party in ward 12 that represents where he comes from, neither is he a registered member in ward 11 which represents where he lives in Umunde, adding that there is no way someone who is working with another party can be chairman in ACN.

In another point, he highlighted that there is no way the state chairman will appoint or swear in a local government chairman whose name is not in the party’s register.

He noted that even it he has done something wrong as a chairman, either by denoting from the party’s rules and regulations, it is the members in the local government that will come together or set up a committee that will hear from time and tell him that what he did is wrong.

Mr. Onyejose stressed emphatically that the party, A.C.N believes in the rule of law and internal democracy and has a constitution guiding it, which simply places the deputy chairman in charge when the chairman is not there. In the same light, Mr. M.K. Iyama, a member, said that even if the chairman has deviated, it is the deputy that takes his place if the party deems it necessary for him (the chairman ) to stop functioning.

In another dimension, Mr. Onyejose said that, it is the people who choose their leader, that imposing one self is not the best way to go about leadership.

The local government deputy chairman, Elder Lawrence Otiue, on his part added by asking if the party’s congress (ACN) or any other party’s congress in Nigeria is held two times in a year?.He further said that it was Mr. Oyejose, the elected chairman that led. Ika North East Local Government members of ACN to the national congress. Mr. Onyejose advised the chairman, claiming to home been appointed and sworn in, to stop advising the party’s candidate for the Federal House of representatives, noting that if she needs some advise, she knows who to consult, and that would be the recognized members of the party, because she has been in the party before he started imposing himself.

He called on him to humbly come and ask to be registered if he wants to be a member of ACN, because anyone is welcome to be a member anytime, instead of trying to bring division into a party that so much effort is being put into to build.

He used the opportunity to call on people who desire change in the society to come and join the party (ACN), and those who already belong to other parties should stay put and should not seek to destroy other peoples party.

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