A double-minded politician is like a wave of the sea, highly unstable both in reasoning, actions, thoughts and behaviours. This expression clearly depicts the character of those advocating for power shift to Delta North by 2015. They appear to be acting the script of a particular politician through the gospel of self-seeking agenda.
The issue of power shift is a political arrangement designed as a principle of party operational system for the purpose of convenient within the geo-political zones of the state and not a statute law of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as amended. It originated from the political environment of this country as a result of the death of Chief M.K.O Abiola during the military regime of General Abubakar Abdulsalami, in order to compensate the South, particularly the Yoruba race.
Thereafter, the power was shifted back to the North with the emergence of Alhaji Musa Yar’Adua as the President. This political ideology was then adopted by political parties as a way of balancing powers within the geo-political zones of the country.
In essence, power shift secures the market place for political ideas, anchoring on person’s ability to perform creditably, rather than seeking for political power through the crude support from dubious, depraved , corrupt and doubtful politicians from other ethnic groups like Urhobo Political Congress as published by Barrister Eugene Uzum in IkaWeekly of Saturday December 3,- Saturday December 10, 2011.
In fact, the consistent clamour for power to Delta North by Bar. Eugene Uzum whose parentage background is Urhobo of Otolokpo is greatly entangled in the primitive politics of using Ika Ikoro and the Urhobo Political Congress as a frontier for political gains and positions. The father hails from Isoko while his biological mother whose father’s name was Mr. Uzum comes from Otolokpo, claiming political relevance in Ika land.
A graphical example of his political gain is the recent appointment as the Special Assistant to the Commissioner for Commerce & Industry, despite his non-appearance in the political activities of Ika youths since the advent of democracy in 1999. An action described as an "Open robbery" of the benefits of the youths in Ika land particularly the unemployed graduates whose role had been debased by the senseless politicians to political thuggery, rigging of elections, blackmailing of credible candidates, snatching & stuffing of ballot boxes and falsifying election results.
Sadly, the person Eugene Uzum is dying for or beating the drum of power shift for had been in the corridors of power for years, but cannot put a finger on anything that will develop the youths in Ika land or promote the leadership unity of Anioma state. This is why I personally dislike the political philosophy of the so-called political gurus who prefer their people to suffer untold hardship and allow a non native of the Delta North geo-political zone to be their town crier. What a shame!
The people should be well informed that the issue of power shift in 2015 is a clamour for a shift from the present corrupt leadership to a genuine platform that will take Deltans to the promised land of true democracy and true federalism. Deltans, including Ikas should be thinking of voting for power shift from the present "democracy of the rich, for the rich and by the rich" to democracy of the people, for the people and by the people. A shift from the politics of lawlessness to the one anchored on the rule of law, social harmony, cohesion and infrastructural development. Stereotyping one another cannot bring Deltans especially the Anioma state the much-desired unity, as no section of the state geo-political zone has monopoly over leadership.
Worst still, those struggling for power shift are the same group of political cabal that have thrown the society into its present sorry condition. The people have no access to clean & portable water and stable electricity. The roads and schools are in shambles. The youths have been transformed into butchers of fellow human-beings, thereby turning the peaceful land into a juggle of barbarism, where killing is the order of the day instead of a place of unity and love.

This is not the kind of power shift the people need as Bar. Eugene Uzum has no moral and political justification to speak on the issue of power shift in Delta North and he should not heat up the politics in Delta state. The leadership of Anioma state, particularly the Elders’ Forum should not allow person(s) of duplicitous motives, just because of peanuts and political greed to destabilize the development of the society through an unguarded concept of power shift to Anioma Nation.

All effort should be geared towards the infrastructural development of the state and not to derail the focus of government in human & capital development as supposedly promised to the people, for those who fan the ember of disunity will first be consumed by the inferno.

Finally, for any intended change to occur in the political environment, the people must be convinced by the genuine, sincere, honest and uncorrupted leaders that such a quest for power shift is both possible and desirable and not those with chameleonic impulse and purpose.

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