The embattled Obi of Abavo, Obi Uche Irenuma II has been dethroned. Prince Nwadozie Okonta, the legal adviser to the royal palace, categorically informed Ika Weekly that by a resolution after a meeting held on the 4th of July, 2012, the Abavo clan represented by all his accredited delegates adopted a document dated 12th June 2012, which affirmed the dethronement of Uche Irenuma, as the Obi of Abavo
According to the said document, which read in part, "that upon the resolution passed by members of the Royal family of Abavo, traditional chiefs, Olotus, elders, representatives of the 16 (sixteen) villages, men, women and youths of Abavo at the OGWA (Assembly) held at Olihe’s compound, Ekwuoma, Abavo on 22nd of June, 2012, that Obi Uche Irenuma II, be dethroned and was dethroned as the Obi of Abavo, which resolution was affirmed at a subsequent assembly held on the 4th day of July, 2012′.
Prince Martins Jegbefume, the oldest grandchild of Obi Jegbefume, informed Ika Weekly that the new Obi will be crowned in seven days from the day the resolution was made.
Prince Jegbefume, added, that the new Obi of Abavo was crowned on the 9th of July, 2012 and have been presented to the entire people of Abavo.
He also said that in the process of fulfilling all traditional rites, the new Obi will not entertain visitors until all the traditional rites are completed. Barr. Benson Melekwe, secretary to the Obi in council, speaking said there were no crisis in Abavo community as alleged. He applauded the bold steps taken to crown the legitimate Obi, HRM Chukwuka Ekhator Jegbefume III.

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