Members of the public
have started reacting to the proposed plan of Delta State Government
to ban Okada in all major cities in the state.
Below are the views
expressed by some of the people interviewed by Ika Weekly.
Mr. Usman S. Ola, a
civil engineer, based in Agbor, said “the ban of commercial
motorcycle popularly known as okada is nonsense. our governor and the
House of Assembly members should think of better things to do with
their time, and make laws that will better the lives of Deltans. The
reasons given by the government for the ban are not good enough.
People have started using tricycles popularly known as keke which are
meant to replace the okada to rob.” He cited an example with an
incident that took place about a week ago at Oriahi Street, where
some persons went to rob with a tricycle.
Mr. Onyeisi Mathew, a
carpenter, said “before the government bans okada the roads should
be put in good shape, as the roads in Ika land are so bad that they
are not accessible. The government should stop chasing shadows and
set their priority right, he said.
Comr. Eboigbodi I., a
civil servant, stated that the commercial motorcycle as a business is
a means of livelihood for many youths, there are no jobs and many
graduates who are unemployed use Okada business as a way of
sustaining themselves when white collar jobs are not forthcoming.

John Alisor, a technician
based in Agbor noted that okada is the means of survival for the
masses, he said that if it banned nobody will be able to sleep at
night as the rate of crime will increase sporadically.
Mr. Jude Dikewose, a
mason, said that government should first create jobs for youths
before embarking on such an action. He noted that if the ban is not
lifted, government will not be able to solve the problems that will
come up as a result of the ban.
For Mrs. P. Mordi, she
is of the believe that state government cannot ban commercial
motorcycle or may make attempt of doing such in the future in Ika. In
her own words “how government go ban okada, I beg dem no go fit try
am, wetin dem come say make young take dey feed. My brother I no
believe you he no dey possible at all” all efforts from our
reporter to convince her that the government has banned it in major
cities in Delta State proud abortive.
Miss Marian Ajubor, a
seamstress in Agbor, who hails from Aliagwu, said that the ban would
cause increase in crime rate. She ask, “how will I travel to my
place, even the keke is not strong enough to go to my village she
complained. She posited that the 7pm to 6am curfew on motorcycle
operators is okay. She stated that total ban is not acceptable. She
pleaded to government to reconsider its stand on the issue.
Mrs. Catharine Egbon, a
food vendor, in Agbor mentioned Edobor, Upper Odozi, Imudia Street
and wondered how those streets would be accessible by either by a
taxi or a tricycle. Government should work on the roads before
enacting such, law. She stated that the ban of okada is detrimental
to the masses.
She suggested that the
7pm to 6am restriction on okada riders is ok ban. How will I take my
aged mother for treatment I live in the part of the town that is not
Comr Inkeki Uzo Benson,
chairman Owa-Oyibu Rimma Youth association said “It is too painful
that at this period of massive number of unemployed the plan of Delta
State Government to ban Okada is worrisome.
It makes me wonder the
type of government we have, government that does not think about the
welfare of the people. Instead of establishing industries to
accommodate the unemployed youths, government is planning to
frustrate the commercial motorcycles (okada) operators, a business
that is engaging over 70 percent of the employed youths in Delta
State. (Okada) to a great extent had reduce crime in the state as it
has helped the youths to earn their living I am yet to understand
what the Uduaghan led government is telling us. It is a fact that
both state and local government have been buying motorcycles for
youths during campaigns in form of empowerment.

Our right is being
trampled upon some of us have no other means of transportation .
Prior to this plan, motorcycle users have been subjected to an
unconstitutional curfew by the ban of motorcycle usage to the best of
my knowledge the ban is in absolute contravention of our fundamental
right as to freedom of movement.

I forcast that if the
state government ban commercial motorcycle, crime will increase in a
geometric progression that is to say that their anti-crime campaign
is deceptive okada should stay.

Comrade Uche Ujor

Has expressed his view on
the move of Delta State governor to ban (okada which will cause more
havock he said “Delta State government should concentrate on how to
create job opportunity rather than putting an end to Okada in the
state 85 percent of people in the state graduate or not graduate
are surviving with (Okada) especially in Ika land where there are no
even one industry and the only industry which the masses are
surviving with if the ban of (Okada) that is proposed take place in
Ika land, the political leader and royal highness will be held
responsible I proposed that if the government should by any day
include Ika land crime will be of increase the government should be
cogitating on how to build more industry rather than stopping the
only surviving industry which is Okada, my advice to Delta State
government is for Okada to stay to reduce crime.

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