There is no contesting
the fact that civilization has brought man thus far, a very long
improved way from pre-historic and medieval times to present day.
What, with industrial revolution and mass productive engagements in
goods and services for the benefit of mankind, facilitated by
technology, in the midst of societal transformation and human
refinement. With civilization has come growth in human knowledge and
great economic and political strides. Democracy, a system of self
governance through representatives is an offshoot of human
civilization that establishes and guarantees different kinds of
rights under a constitution, including the freedom of association. It
also encourages the administration of peoples under certain rules and
regulations codified in laws. These laws form the bedrock for the
defence of constitutional provisions. In law, moral has no place, and
unfortunately so. Morals remain the fulcrum of natural defences
against negative human tendencies, so if the law does not recognize
it and law is expected to defend a constitution that guarantees all
sorts of freedom, then definitely man is in a dilemma. The dilemma of
determining where the boundary should exist between good and evil in
consideration of given constitution.

I want at this juncture
to look at civilization from a different perspective and submit that
it is evil. Perhaps the right argument for this can be espoused by
the amount of virtual and non-virtual evils going on across the globe
today, as typified by the malevolent and callous extermination of
Cynthia Osokogwu’s youthful life by young men in their prime; through
the instrumentality of internet, a trapping of technology, an
offshoot of civilization. I had intoned in one of my articles in the
past that the internet, as good as it presents itself, is the Devil’s
Destruction machine. For many, especially among the youths, it is a
time waster, corrupting and indoctrinating, a speedly way to death.
See how the USA chases Asange up and down Europe for Whistle blowing.
On the net, any and every thing is possible. No wonder therefore that
some knowledgeable countries such as China, Korea and Japan sanction
some websites and sieve what its people receive on net. We need to do
they same before it is too late even if some Human rights extremist
have argued endlessly that it is a violation of the citizenry to
access what ever they choose to online, but I join many to dismiss
their argument as arrant nonsense because it is where one person’s
right stops that the other person’s own starts.. A Chinese adage says
that “a child is like our stomach. It does not need everything that
we can afford” by extension, the citizenry must be subjected to
some check.
Let us sit
back to reflect deeply on the side effects of civilization. The
enormity and intensity of its drawbacks are geometrical, outweighing
by far its gains. It is like a mad circle, putting in all resources,
human and material to create an environment conducive for human
survival and comfort only to toss the coin over, building different
kinds of weapons: bombs (atomic and hydrogen), war planes and ships,
chemical weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, guns and
other artilleries, with intent to deploy these, most often at the
slightest provocation to level that which had taken so much human
intellectual input in time and effort to build, in a matter of
minutes. Hiroshima, Vietnam, Iraq, Liberia, Titanic, several airplane
crashes, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Sudan and now Syria
among others are there as strong attestation to this point.
doubt, a man having been born free should be allowed a good degree of
freedom in as much as these rights are not in contrast to societal
and cultural practices of the society and communities to which they
belong. The inalienable rights of the individual must be within the
context of acceptable standards of his environment. The bedrock of a
society is having members with different physical and psychological
traits and characteristics, living together harmoniously without
causing injury to others directly or indirectly by their actions,
commissions or omissions. Nature itself puts a divine stamp on this
harmony by creating each animal and man in their different species
with opposite sex to enhance conjugal enjoyment, procreation and
continuity of each specie. Despite the differences in race, religion,
creed, language and geographical location, the fact of the creation
of man holds that they enjoy a natural support for the continuity of
human race through intercourse. In this natural provision, perversion
is alien. Perversions are the handiwork of Lucifer and his “brood
of Vipers”. Many are given to such perversions either through
procreative malformation or socialization. Whatever be the root, such
behaviours as sodomy and animal sex must not be allowed to fester
else society will soon loose its grip and man shall be reined in by
basal tendencies. This is the reason why many developed societies
have a preponderance of psycho-sexual related crimes that are now
creeping fast into our own polity as a result of exposure through
internet. When many states in United States of America propound and
support the same sex marriage, one is taken aback, fearing whether
the proponents of Armageddon “end time” are not going to be
proven right earlier than thought. From whatever religious
perspective one looks at it across the world, Christianity, Islamism,
Hinduism, Traditional African religions, Sodomy has remained
impermissible, a topical aberration, a despicable, dehumanising,
barbaric and dissolute negation of humanity.

Let us
recall the wrath of God on the people of Sodom and Gomorrah where he
rained “fire and Brimstone” due to their uncontrolled engagement
in the “Original sin”- SODOMY. Though the act is now been worn a
modern garb of same-sex marriage, it must be reiterated that marriage
is a divine institution between man and woman and where there was
perversion before the 21st century it was done in secrecy and
shamefacedly. It was therefore a giant surprise to find a young
Nigerian woman (Britain based) canvassing openly for sodomy, in
support of a bill that showed up at the National Assembly for
consideration of the abominable act. I Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 27 and
28, it says that “ God created man in his own image, he created
them male and female… God blessed and said unto them, be fruitful,
multiply and replenish the earth, and subdue it and have dominion
over every living thing upon earth”… God further made a
categorical statement about marriage, stating that “…this is why
a man shall leave his father and mother and take unto him a wife, and
they shall become one flesh”. It becomes evident from the
submission above that marriage between a man and a woman is
sacrosanct and whatever other semantical interpretation adduced, it
should not be in the same sense as the union between man and woman
for the purpose of procreation.
The Bible openly
condemns sodomy and bestiality in the book of Leviticus, for instance
in Chapter 18, verse 22-25, God gave Moses as part of the golden laws
strict instructions for the people of Israel and by extension the
world, regarding sodomy thus: “You will not have intercourse with
a man as you would with a woman, this is a hateful thing, you will
not have intercourse with any kind of animal, you would become
unclean by so doing, nor would a woman offer herself to an animal, to
have intercourse with it, this would be a violation of nature. Even
in the Quoran’s account, ‘Lut’ (Lot)” said to his people, “Do not
commit lewdness such that no people in creation ever committed”.

Continuing in verse 24
of the same chapter as above, God further said “Do not make
yourself unclean by any of these practices, for it was by such thing
that the nation that I am driving out before you made themselves
unclean. The country has become unclean, hence I am about to punish
it for its guilt and the country itself will vomit its inhabitants”.
To buttress the seriousness of the crime against nature, in Leviticus
Chapter 20, verse 13, he finally gave an injunction that” the man
who has an intercourse with a man in the same way as with a woman:
they have done a hateful thing together ; and they will be put to
death; their blood will be on their own heads”… continuing in
verse 15, he also injuncts that “a man who has intercourse with an
animal will be put to death, you will kill the animal too…” So
calamitous and damnable is the sin that God himself destroys nations
and permits the killing of culprits to make for atonement. “The sun
rose over the horizon just as Lot was entering Zoar, When Yahweh
rained down on Sodom and Gomorrah brimstone and fire of his own
sending (Gen. 19:24).In the light of the
foregoing, the question arises, should Nigeria accept legislation in
favour of sodomy? The capital answer is NO. Same sex marriage is
anomalous, unrealistic, shameful, abominable, unpardonable,
inexcusable, unwelcome and highly unacceptable. We must all act to
stop its incursion into our clime through evil virtual means before
it creeps in to consume all of us like was done to Sodom and

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