BOJI-BOJI OWA (Ika Weekly) – The Delta State Motorcyclists Association Ika North East Chapter have appealed to the general public to remove the negative stigma that the commercial motorcyclist otherwise known as Okada riders collude with armed robbers to commit crimes.


The appeal was made by the chairman of the association, Mr. Ogoh John in the meeting of all chairmen representing the twenty-four parks and the executives in Ika North East Local Government Area held along Old Abraka road, Boji Boji Owa.


In response to the order given by the police that all Okada riders should stop work by 7pm, the chairman said the Association is not against it, but pleaded with the police to extend the time to enable them adjust their operation. 


He said commercial motorcyclists are very important to the masses and the government by reducing the burden of unemployment.


Mr. Ogoh said the welcomes the idea of having a common uniform for easy identification, which he said will be of a great help in combating crimes, as the genuine members of motorcyclists association identified.


He said the state government brought the issue of the uniform through board of internal revenue, some time ago but failed to distribute it to the association.


The chairman suggested that if the government wants to continue with it, the issue of uniform it should be channeled through some their members.

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