AGBOR (Ika Weekly) – Youths have been implored to marry strictly out of true love. This call was made by Rev. F. father Mathew Arinze, the parish priest of St. Joseph Catholic Church, Agbor.


The Rev. Father noted that bulk of the cases in law courts today are divorce cases because people marry out of personal achievement ranging from flashy cars, Naira, dollar and societal status, advised couples to appreciate and take themselves serious, so that on matter the modern madness of jumping in and out of marriage to catch up with the next available partner and the insightful desires of the flesh, they can remain compatible and cohabit successful thereby promoting healthy relationship amongst themselves adding that if the family is not stable, nation cannot be stable.


He admonished parents to raise the child with moral integrity and upbringing instead of projecting their roles and shifting it to teachers, he observed that children are God –give gifts to then, therefore they are duty bund to train the child morally and spiritually so that they can transit to humane persons good for God and the society at large


The clergyman attributed the lamentable teenage delinquencies in our society to foreign culture which have been imbibed extensively by our juveniles making them break every rule in the book of appropriate behariour for responsible citizens, he equally cautioned youths who work with the maxim of get-rich-quick by going abroad to treasure our values and appreciate an culture by contributing their quota to develop our nation, he urged the church, parents and government to make use of what we have and build up the nation so that the frustrated and floating youths can be gainfully employed.


The parish priest commended the present government so far the first one hundred days in office adding that if the momention is sustained, Nigeria will soon breath a sigh of relief from strangulation and suffering, he underscored the need for fervent prayers for these in government so that they can keep the flag fling.


The Rev. father also implored politicians to be honest and fair and to utilize funds allotted for projects wisely instead of channeling it to singular sector or individual pockets so that the grassroots can benefits from the dividends of democracy.

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