r  law maker. It could be recalled that Dr.
Ojougboh had during a scheduled meeting with Mr. Ashien on Monday morning of
25th June, 2012 at Royal Courtyard Hotel, Agbor set him (Mr. Ashien) up with
N100,000 marked money on alleged offence of money extortion .Mr. Ashien, who
was unaware of the plot showed prominent Agbor indigenes who were in the
meeting with him the money Ojougboh gave to him, and they all thanked him for
his  gesture . To their greatest surprise
at the close of the meeting, he called men of the Agbor police at the premises
of the hotel to arrest Mr. Ashien, saying that he has been extorting money
falsely from him.

According to Mr. Ashien ,�Dr.
Ojougboh had during the meeting which was meant to settle the rift between
Ojougboh and Ika Weekly over one of its editorial publications on developments
in Ika land called him aside, precisely to an adjoining room in the hotel venue
of the meeting, and gave an undisclosed amount of money to him,� saying that he
(Ojougboh) is using it to assist Ika Weekly, unknown to Mr. Ashien that the
money was marked and that the Greek gift was a ploy to defame his integrity and
good image.

It will also be recalled that
during the meeting Mr. Ashien and those that accompanied him to the meeting
dined and wined with Dr. Ojougboh, after which Dr .Ojougboh informed everyone
in the meeting that he was meeting Mr. Ashien for the first time and that he
has no case again with Ika Weekly. Mr. Ashien satisfied with the outcome of the
meeting showed the bundle of money to the following elders, Chief Sunny
Anumele,  Rear Admiral Eluma and Elder
John Ehikwe, who were with him and asked them to help him thank Dr. Ojougboh
for his  magnamity and they all did. The
unexpected happened when after the meeting, Mr. Ashien  on stepping out of  the hotel with the elders, he was stopped by
stern looking police men  who told him
that he was wanted at the Agbor police station. Mr. Ashien  was later driven to the police station and
was thoroughly searched at the station by the police but nothing incriminating
was found on him

Angered by the insult, disgrace,
humiliation and the embarrassment the allegation brought to his reputation and
image, Mr. Ashien has now gone to court seeking that Dr. Ojougboh should pay
him N1billion for defamation, disgrace and humiliation. Meanwhile, the date for
hearing of the case will come up later.

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