A popular
businessman and political stalwart in Ika South Local Government Area and the
the Ogi furu eze of Abavo kingdom Chief Joseph Dugbere has during the week in a
chat with newsmen in his office said that Nigeria should be reduced to six
geo-political zones for effective management and that powers should be
decentralized from the presidency down to the zones for more effective
governance. He noted that the type of constitution the country needs is the
type that will take it to the promise land. 

                According to him “we are having
it rough with the present constitution where governance has been so bastardised
by civilians. The present administration 
has not helped in any way and it is so expensive for the country that is
coming up like ours. Close to fifty percent (50%) of our earnings in this country
are mismanaged by politicians who has little or no concern for the development
of the country. Time has come when we should look inward and know what our
problems are, which is this expensive nature of our administration”.

                The astute politician, averred
that regional system of government would have been  more effective than the creation of Nigeria
which was done by the military, adding that a democratic government do not work
with military platform.  He added that
the presidency should be rotated among the zones, with each of the zones having
an administrator that will be accountable to the presidency.

                In the aspect of tenure of
office for the president, he said “I think five years will be enough for the
president and the issue of second tenure in office should be stopped. If this
is done, the issue of incumbency will not arise any more and our election will
be free and fair. The same thing goes to the zonal heads who will rotate theirs
internally, where the minority will not be short-changed with the governance of
the country. I believe if we do this, the issue of Boko Haram, militancy and
other sects threatening the peace of this country will be reduced to its barest
minimum, if not totally eliminated.”

The well
known business man also spoke on the issue of Nigerian of system of
citizenship, adding that we should emulate developed countries of the world,
which allow even people from other country to come and give birth in their
countries which automatically qualifies the children to be citizens of such

                He, therefore, urged federal
government to look into the issue and ensure that Nigerians, no matter the
state or local government they came from, they should be allowed to vote and be
voted for in  any part of the country
they are living.           

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