Imudia Street, a
major road in Orogodo, Agbor, headquarters of Ika South Local  Government Area, Delta State now wears a new
look. The once deplorable street is now one of the best tarred streets in the
town, courtesy of Mr. Jim Ovia and the Delta State Government.

                Mr. Jim Ovia, founder, Zenith
Bank and Visafone and also a philanthropist  
of of no mean repute tarred Mariere/Baleke axis of the street, while the
state government through, Direct Labour Agency, tarred the remaining part,
Mariere to Dr. Whyte street. The two contractors that handled the projects no
doubt did very good jobs as the street is now very free for users. Apart from
Imudia Street, other streets in Orogodo metropolis such as Dein,  new Lagos/Asaba road axis of Mariere Street,
Baleke and Prof Ebie Street, are equally receiving government attention. DLA
staff and bulldozers worked both in the sun and rain, during the period just to
make sure they left no stone unturned. However, Dein Street, a project of the
state Ministry of Works was even in the layman’s point of view very poorly
executed. Not only were there no gutters on the two sides of the street, the
asphalts were poorly laid. Just as we commend the Delta State Government and
Jim Ovia for tarring Imudia Street, which now looks like one of the streets in
the United States of America, we are equally appealing to the Ministry of Works
to re-do the road so that it will last a longer time.

                Before now, construction and
repairs of roads in Orogodo metropolis seemed impossible but thanks to Governor
Emmanuel Uduaghan who suddenly come to realization that he has to register his
footprint before he leaves office in 2015. Though there are a member of
abandoned road projects in Ika land, but we still have to commend Governor
Uduaghan for the on going effort on road construction and rehabilitation Ika
land. If the current efforts are sustained, by 2015, the issue of bad roads in
Orogodo metropolis will be a thing of the past.

                Ika people are hardworking,
peaceful, and easy to satisfy. All they want is functional infrastructures such
as good roads, portable water, healthcare and educational facilities and
constant electricity supply. The provision of these basic amenities are not
impossible. If countries like Togo, Tanzania, Ghana, which are not up to half
of Nigeria when put together, can boast of good roads, steady electricity
supply, quality educational system etc, why will it not be possible in Nigeria.
Every government’s plan is achievable, if only there is a political will to
implement it. Although, Governor Uduaghan has in several occasions absorbed
himself of the blames on the slow pace of work on Old Lagos/Asaba road, and has
told Ika people to asked their sons and daughters in government about what
happened to the road, more still have to be done.   

                We are of the opinion  that the governor should go future by naming
the Ika sons or daughters who are behind the slow pace of the work as that will
help put paid to the impression of Ika people that he is deliberately punishing
Ika people.   

                As we commend Governor Uduaghan
on the giant stride he is taking on road construction/ rehabilitation across
the state, Ika people are equally appealing to him to use his good office to
see to the completion of the dualisation of Old Lagos/Asaba Road and other
abandoned road projects in Ika land. The issue of the Old Lagos/Asaba road has
been over stretched and is the major reason why many Ika people are not too
happy with the ruling government. If work on the Old Lagos/Asaba Road is
completed under Uduaghan’s reign, Ika people will no doubt  be appreciative to him.  


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