,  a.k.a, Hero has enjoined youths not to depend
solely on partisan politics or politicians for survival but instead work hard
towards a legitimate means of livelihood.

                According to the former deputy
legislative leader in Ika North East Council Legislative Arm, a situation
whereby youths continually wait for politicians before they can get something
to eat is becoming insulting stressing that the situation is making the
political class and stakeholders to lack 
conviction on the capability of the youths to assume any leadership

                Hon. Okoh said, “the over
dependence on politicians or those saddled with leadership positions by the
youths  have made the political leaders
to believe that youths who are destined to be leaders of today are not prepared
for leadership responsibility hence they are relegated to the back ground and
are assuming beggarly positions.

                Hon. Okoh who eulogized the
virtues of hard work by making reference to the book of James 2: 17 in the Holy
Bible which reads, “Even so faith, if it hath not works is dead being alone”
(kind James Version), enjoined the youths of Ika land and the country in
general to accord themselves their proper position which God has placed them by
putting their talents at work so that they can 
be able to sustain themselves and also bargain favorably for leadership

                “With a good and powerful
bargaining power characterized with hard work, discipline and dedication, the
youths can easily inherit leadership positions from political leaders who will
not doubt in any way their capability to occupy their divine and destined
positions in the society.

                “A hungry man is an angry man,”
youths who are supposed to be the leaders of today are hungry because majority
of them are jobless and can do anything to earn a living. This attest to the
reason why there is increased spate of social vices such as armed robbery,
terrorism, kidnapping, prostitution, child trafficking and the selling of

                According to the respected youth
leader, youths should convert their anger to hard work, consistency, and
dedication towards my meaningful thing they are doing.

                “Youths who do not have jobs
should learn a trade or how to acquire skills so that they will be relevant in
the society. Youths must stop having the thought that whenever PDP or ACN
leaders meet money must flow, for any of those monies can only buy fish not
fishing equipment. Apart from politics our political leaders have other things
which they do for a living. Some of our politicians who are not occupying
public offices but are party executives have businesses which they do to earn a

                Hon. Okoh therefore advised the
youths to uphold their integrity by becoming self employed since it is very
glaring that government cannot provide employment for everybody, adding that
youths  should stop begging and start
thinking of their future. He also advised that youths should not make partisan
politics a profession but instead work towards the realization of their divine
callings as leaders of today, saying a word is enough for the wise.  

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