We announced to  our esteemed readers that beginning from this
week, we will publish the essays written by the three best students in the 2013
Steve Ekiri-Mekiriuwa Ashien Foundation 3rd Essay competition. Below is the
essay by the second runners up, Enuji Blessed of Baptist Mission School. Enjoy


and foremost, who are our political representatives? Political representatives
are those who the bonafide citizens of a community, state and even a nation
vote into power in order for them to have a mouthpiece in any level in the
government. Our political representatives are meant to serve the people.

representatives can either be at the local, state and even at the federal
level. They are those that the people look up to, to bare their minds and
opinions to the government.

expectations of my community from our political representatives are as follows:

social amenities. People in a community expect that when a person is
representing them, the person will make sure that his/her community does not
lack anything and hence this attracts development to such a place. Social
amenities such as hospitals, good roads, market, electricity and so on brings
about development in a place.

employment opportunities. A good political representative must have the mind of
hospitality and also feel the pangs of unemployment among his people. As such,
he invests in their community to make such that the youths are duly employed as
this reduces crime rate in such a place.

educational sector. Most of the government schools are in a dilapidated state.
It is the function of the political representatives to make such that education
does not fall. Due to this, schools should be renovated, more schools should be
built, scholarship schemes should be introduced in order to make sure that the
standard of education in such a place does not fall.

addition to political representative should not squander up the money meant for
the people as this is not expected of any political representative. They should
use government funds meant for the people to better the lives of the citizens.
They should not be over ambitious, selfish and greedy in their political bid
because the people are the reason why they are in such positions.

less privileged, handicapped in the community are not left out as they are also
members of the community. Political representatives should see it as their
responsibility to take care of them. They should be given special funds in
order for them to start up something either a trade or anything that will make
them useful in their society.

representatives as the voice of the people should make it a point of
responsibility to attract government projects to his/her community. They should
make the love of their people their priority and major daily. They should
attract government projects to their communities making such that their people
are comfortable.

conclusion, what is expected most from our political leaders is love for their
community because they are elected by the people to serve and represent them.
The main priority and duty to their community is to deliver dividends of
democracy because that was why they are elected.                                     

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