Another  name for corn is maize. The botanical name is
zeamays. In Ika land, corn is referred to as (OKA). Some people call it “mouth
organ because of its shape. Corn has somany nutritional benefits. Last week, I
wrote on the health benefit of soyabeans . Now the health benefits or
advantages of corn will be discussed. God in is undeserved mercy allows
everything to come out in their time and season. Now is the season of corn or
maize or (Oka). Corn can, be consumed as medicine or food. Corn can be consumed
by boiling, roasting, akamu (ogi) or taken as upo- (cratted corn, blended and
mixed with palm oil, pepper, crayfish and any other ingredient of your choice).

it is very rich in complex carbohydrate, fibers and small amount of protein and
fat. Do you know that when you cook fresh corn and drink the water the corn is
cooked in it helps in cleansing the urinary system by increasing the flow of
urine. The corn or infused water also help in detoxifying the kidneys and
prevents the formation stones in the urinary tract and in the kidneys.

helps to prevent vomiting and nausea.

Remember never to boil corn with salt.
Upo, a meal from corn is very good for conver lescents because it contains most
of the nutrients that are needed in building musles and bones. Do you want to
be free from constipation, piles in this season of corn, then make a friend
with (upo). It helps to build your estrogen level and fight noxiovs
cholesterol. Corn starch (Akamu) helps in stopping running stomach. Just take a
spoon of the fresh corn starch, add to a glass of water to experience the
reading power of the solution on the stomach.

fermented water is very potent for boiling or soaking herbs. Fresh corn starch
(Akamu) prevents bacterial infection and disinfects woonds. Are you suffering
from Asthma and cholesterol problems, then use corn oil in cooking. It is one
of the best cooking oil in the world.

very medical part of the corn is the silk. The silk is the shiny part between
the corn proper and the skin covering. When infused in hot water like tea and
mixed with garlic, paw seed and pineapple it is useful in the treatment of  fluid accumulation in the heart, restlessness
painful menstruation, excess uric acid and other toxins from the blood. We have
just learnt about corn and it benefits. Next week ill be discussing and what
you can do about it.

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