It was
really a bad day for Mr. Onome Madu, father of two on Tuesday, 16th of July,
2013 as he was handed over to soldiers in Ika land for allegedly stealing five
hundred naira in a weavon shop at Agbor. The suspected thief hails from Ozoro,
Delta State.

                Confessing before newsmen, Onome
admitted committing the offence, saying that he stole the money to enable him
pay his transport fare back to his home town Ozoro. According to him, “I have
stolen before but this time luck ran out of me for just five hundred naria. I
am begging the soldiers to have pity on me and set me free. I will go back to
Ozoro and will never come to Agbor land again.”

                The suspect who said he is a
father of two girls, revealed that he was formerly pool agent but had no job at
the moment. “I am passing through difficult times in Agbor. My efforts to raise
money to travelled back home have landed me into trouble,” Onome stated.

                In an interview with Ika Weekly
correspondent, the head of soldier in Ika nation, Captain M. Ibrahim said: a
thief is a thief and that Onome was a wanted person in the barrack. According
to him, “He has been reported on many occasions dispossessing  phone booth operators and other shop owners
of their hard earned money and items, and escaped arrest with the help of his
accomplice but today his evil cup is filled up.”

                Captain Ibrahim stated that he
will not have mercy on Onome as anyone who does evil can never be his friend.
He said that Onome will go to court to prove his innocence just as he called
Ika people to complement their efforts by doing what is right and inform them
of criminal hideouts in their area.

                Ika Weekly gathered that the
suspect is among the thieves that go to shops demanding for items which they
cannot pay for and at the same time threatening the shop owners and making away
with the proceeds they have sold and the items requested. Onome was said to
have been caught by the shop owner who despite was busy brought out the items
which he requested but was also vigilant to notice Onome stealing the money. He
was said to have stolen five hundred naira at first, but his attempt to open
the locker made the shop owner to raise an alarm .

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