Ika South
Local Government Council has intensified its effort to rid the local government
of waste. The council which is working
tirelessly  since the inauguration of
Engr. Andrew Obiazi led transition committee just to make sure that Ika South
residents live in clean environment spoke 
through its Head of Department, Environment, Mr. Francis Ekih saying hat
the issue of sanitation remains the council’s 
number one  priority.

                Mr. Ekih who took newsmen round
the council approved dump site at Uromi Junction, Agbor and other  areas in the town where there are waste bins
disclosed that the council evacuates waste 
from  the bin sites everyday. He
mentioned areas like the Uromi junction dump site, Baleke market and
undisclosed number of streets in Agbor where the  bins have been cleared.

                He decried the altitude of some
residents in the local government who instead of commending the council  for the effort it is putting on  sanitation, are crucifying it, stressing that
Ika South is an agrarian community and generates too many waste which even if
they are evacuated everyday will still re-appear within a short time.

                He noted that the Ika South
council boss is a good man that is why the council is packing the waste
generated by individual homes in the local government which according to him is
not done anywhere.

                “The council is only responsible
for the evacuation of waste in the market, motor parks and other public places
and not individual homes as the Ika South Council is doing. The chairman is
being generous to the people and he should be commended” Mr. Ekih said.

                The environmental officer
therefore stated that for there to be effective waste control in the local
government, residents should register with private waste collectors (PSP) and
should not depend on the council all the time for the evacuation of their  waste.

                When Ika Weekly visited the
approved waste dump site at Uromi junction, Mr. Ekih and his team were seen
directing the pail loader and waste compactor drivers how they should clean up
the site. At Ojeifoh by Hill Street Lane it took the team hours to supervise
the evacuation of waste in the area as 
residents abandoned the waste bin and poured their waste in the gutter
thereby blocking the free flow of water. Even a dead dog and excreta were
dumped at the  bin for the council to

                The environmental team went
further by educating residents through  a
public address system by informing on the need to dispose the waste properly so
that their council will not find them difficult to evacuate

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