The Akumazi Development Union, an apex group for all
Akumazi people and under the leadership of Chief Solomon Chukwuka has said that
there is no cure for Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), in Akumazi.

According to a statement jointly signed by the
President-General, Akumazi Progressive Union (APU), Elder Bigg C. Nwachi,
Secretary-General and Hon Wallace Okafor, Publicity Secretary, the attention of
Akumazi Progressive Union (APU) has been drawn to a publication in one of the
community tabloid in Ika land, not Ika Weekly in August last month titled,
“EBOLA EPIDEMIC: Akumazi Traditional Healers Have the Cure, Urge Ika Nation Not
to Panic”.

According to the statement a group, Otu-Odozi Elu
Doctors Association in Ika North East local government area of Delta State led
by Chief (N.Dr.) Moses Unokiweri Dibie and Chief (N. Dr.) Eric Ekabudike and
some 300 Traditional  Doctors have a cure
for the dreaded Ebola virus disease and that EVD is also known as “Isamisan”
(Chicken pox).

“We are therefore using this medium to inform the
public that there is no cure yet for Ebola in Akumazi, that the authors of the
said publication may be naïve about the dreaded EVD, so, we may not doubt the
efficacy of their cure for chicken pox or small pox, but, we have never had any
case of EVD reported anywhere in Delta State nor Akumazi not to talk of cure.
The entire public is hereby called to disregard the information. We are joining
the rest of the world to pray for the quick resolution of the Ebola outbreak.

“We therefore appealed to the Delta State Government
for the embarrassment that the information may have caused them. We wish the
state government well in their genuine fight of the Ebola Virus  Disease 
to a halt.                                    


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