The day
security operatives decide to stop punishing offenders and  those who need to be reformed, then we as a
people may begin bidding farewell to security. Whenever blood is shed, the
creator of man recommends blood for blood, (Gen 9v6). On kidnapping, the
scripture says, “if someone is found to have kidnapped his brother and has
mistreated him and sold him, the kidnapper must die. You should remove what is
bad from your midst.” (Deut. 24v7) These immutable laws handed to man differentiates
us, the homosapiens from beasts. It is only among beasts that the law of
survival of the fittest dominates, where any animal that kills another is not
accountable for its deeds. But when mortals determine to live in accordance
with supreme principles and direction, the society experiences tranquility.
Since those in charge may have chosen to jettison those divine principles by
refusing to punish offenders, our society may begin to fall apart and the
centre may no longer hold. When and how did we condescend so low to allow
notorious armed robbers and kidnappers who should answer for their crimes
against our people walk freely in our midst.

                When the nocturnal and notorious
armed robber Berekete was caught, Ika people applauded the security agencies
for a job well done. Now, who should take the blame for the alleged release of
Berekete and Henry Okoh, hoodlums and animals that should be quarantined in the
‘Siberia forest’ from our people. Or could these animals in human skin have
tents among the high and mighty who influenced their alleged release?

                Our people are asking, how did
Brekete who was alleged to have killed 
many people, carried out kidnapping, robbery and has led many young boys
to join cultism gotten out of the hook? Also, Henry Okoh who was arrested with
gun and live Cartridge in Agbor for attempting with his gang to assassinate a
rival cult member but unfortunately shot at a woman in the breast as report
reaching Ika Weekly has also allegedly gotten out of the hook and walking
freely among us.

                Doesn’t anyone owe Ika people
any explanation about Berekete, Okoh and others? Don’t these criminals have a
case to answer anymore for all the crimes they committed against our people?

                Now, if these stories going
round is any thing to go by, will people have the courage to report
criminality, fearing criminals will be left off the hook and return to hack
them and their families down.? Are we not getting it all wrong with insecurity
in Ika land? The foundation and the decency of our people are under threat.
When serious crime is covered and justice killed, should sensible people not
look the other way? Man by nature abhors injustice of any form and when those
assigned or mandated to punish criminals 
look aside, man will create his own form of justice in ensuring that
peace and tranquility reigns in the society which in our opinion will amount to
travesty of justice. Like oil and water that do not mix, criminals must be
flushed out from the society.  Our people  may be docile but  they are not stupid. They can read between
the lines and know when things are going wrong. “Any  man shedding mans blood, will have his own
blood  shed”. These immutable laws of God
cannot be altered by time, influence, power or money. Criminals whose stock in
trade are to cause pain to others must meet their waterloo including their
conspirators in the social, religious and political circles except justice is
allowed to reign freely.

                Napoleon once said, “there are
only two world powers, the sword and the spirit, but the spirit has always
vanquished the sword.” Our peoples determination to enjoy secure future will
ultimately be realized even with a thousand Berekete stealthily on the prowl.

                The spirit of our people will
vanquish all the murderers, kidnappers, rapist and cultists living among the
peace loving people of Ika nation.

                Inspite of the many security
challenges, we sincerely thank all the security agencies including vigilante
outfits working very hard in Ika land to ensure that we all sleep with our two
eyes closed and urge them not to relent.

We also
urge vigilance as a stitch in time they say saves mine.

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