One of the numerous problems the administration
of  of Ika Northeast local council
chairman, Hon Barr. Francis Eborka will have to address urgently is
decongesting most of the classrooms at the Owa Model Primary School, along Owa
Ekei road. This primary school which was built in 2009 is one of the legacies
of the past administration of Ika Northeast council, under Hon Festus Iwerebon
as chairman.

in this primary school sit cramped like fish in sardines.  Ika weekly reports estimate between 140 to
148 pupils occupy a classroom including three teachers.

this amounts to a ratio of one teacher to about 50 pupils. No doubt, the
teachers in this school are undergoing unhealthy stress. Schooling under such a
very unconducive atmosphere will obviously impact negatively on the pupils
performance. Granted that basic education is free in Delta State, should be an
incentive to make learning conducive. Not leaving a stone unturned in ensuring
Ika children acquire  functional,
qualitative and sound education is  the
responsibility of not only the state but also that of the local government
through the state universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) and the local
Government education Authority (LGEA). At the Owa Model Primary School, five
pupils share one desk and a chair. It unconceivable how pupils can write and
articulate well in a crowded and noisy class. Learning and writing on the
inadequate furniture provided by the government for these innocent pupils is an
exercise in futility. Nothing as regards learning can be achieved. The learning
condition of pupils in Owa model says much about the plight of Nigerians pupils
in many public primary school in Ika nation. Recently Alaafin and Paramount
ruler of Oyo Kingdom vocalizing his thoughts on governance in a public function
asked, “of what use is a government that cannot provide basic service for the
citizen. If a serving political office holder of less than 30 years of age can
boast of N300 million mansion in different locations when his total pay package
for the whole of four years in office is 
not up to half of the amount, is that not disturbing and worrisome? Such
ill gotten wealth without regard and concern for the well being of the
constituents is being used to blow sirens all over the place to intimidate the
people that voted for him and insult their sensibilities”.

sure the pupils of schools in Ika nation learn in a noiseless and decent
environment is their  unalienable right.
Without mincing words, these innocent pupils deserve the icing on the nation
cake. Also, whenever furniture are provided by the councils, asking teachers to
provide the vehicular means of conveyance is undemocratic and amounts to
putting undue strain on the purse of teachers when there is embargo of zero
collection in schools. The welfare of our very young ones at the foundation
stage in primary school must be dear to the heart of this new local council
administrations of Hon. Fred Ofume and Barr. Francis Eborka.

teachers in Owa Model also lack enough chairs and tables. The school has no
functioning bore hole in this era of Ebola disease. How will these pupils in
their numbers observe hard washing hygiene. The formica surface board which is
popularly referred to as magic board needs replacement. Arm chair education
inspectors who boast of being civil servants on government payroll are
obviously not reporting correctly the situation of things in school.

if these learning deficiencies had been reported by these education inspectors,
these inadequacies may have been addressed.

headmistress of the school, Mrs. Akowa H. while speaking to Ika weekly said
“the teachers don’t have chairs and tables. “The pupils sit five on a desk
instead of two pupils per desk. We use rain water during the raining season and
buy water during the dry season. We also have borehole that is not functioning.
We teachers will appreciate if the newly elected government can build more
classrooms because they are congested”, she said. 

Odili Primary School, Agbor

situation on the ground at Odili Primary School is even more lamentable as half
of the school classrooms are either leaking and without furniture. The
classroom windows are in tatters and can best be compared to an animal pen in
the village. Odili Primary School at the heart of Boji-Boji metropolis is the
school the PDP governorship aspirant in Delta State Sir Tony Obuh, attended.

a people where do we go from here when our primary schools are not well funded.
Are education officials in government not merely paying lip service to human
capital development. A tree that is bent can hardly be straightened  when it is grown? Providing modern school
structures and rehabilitating old school buildings equipped with modern
learning facilities is one sure way to develop our human capital. When Ika
weekly reporters visited the School, their Parents Teachers Association meeting
was in progress. The PTA complained about the vandalization of the school by
voters during the last DSIEC supervised local council election. According the
PTA chairman Mr. Christopher Azaimeh, he said, we are not happy with the
condition of Odili Primary School. This school has been neglected for the past
15 years.

school has produced very eminent people like Sir Tony Obuh. “We shall be
grateful if the school can be given a face left. They should help us. We are
also calling on public spirited individuals to come and salvage the school.

government gives chairs, desks and tables to other schools without considering
us. For the past 15 years there is no security manning the school which in our
opinion should be looked into.

Azaimeh further stated that the school gate was broken during the last council
election. “We spent a lot of money to construct the gate but there is no
security. The government said education is free but must it be with tears.
Others who spoke on conditions of anonymity said, ‘politicians have campaigned
and made promises. What will they now do for Odili Primary School”. “Tony Obuh
attended this school and now that he in millions; he should please remember his

“The Living Word Church behind the school
contributed to the collapse of the fence. Each time their compound is flood
they create holes on the wall which has eventually destroyed the fence.

Government should call on them to repair the
fence. “Thieves looking for government jobs as security or artisans pass
through the ceiling to steal primary six certificates. If we had security
personnel manning the school the situation would have been better”. These are
some of the remarks made at the PTA meeting.

far the two local councils of Ika South and Ika Northeast can go in making
government institutions work remains to be seen. Innocent pupils in public
primary schools in Ika nation are groaning under the weight of past
inconsiderate and myopic governments. Of what use is a government that cannot
provide basic services to the citizens? For these innocent Nigerian children
who do not have a say in how their affairs is being managed, the newly elected
government of Ika Northeast and Ika South owe them a lot.

governments of Hon. Fred Ofume and Hon. Barr Francis Eborka will need to burn
the night candles to deliver good governance this time around. Ika people are
in a race again time. We should not be where we are. These gentlemen must
continually strive to put the square peg in a square hole for history will
judge their performances.

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