Last week, Ika weekly brought to our highly
esteemed readers the first part of what Ika people are expecting from their
chairmen of the councils “rejuvenation factory”. This week and the next,
expectations of Ika People will be featured in this column to inform elected
political representatives that the mandate in trust that was given by the
people comes with huge task.

Hon. Fred Ofume and Hon. Barr. Francis Eborka live above board to deliver the
dividends of transformation Ika people eagerly yearn for?

Ifeanyi Egbon, aka Ify Holdings said, “we hope and pray that the newly elected
council officials will bring about the much needed positive change. We are not
expecting the new government to build flyovers or bridges. We want them to
maintain already tarred roads. Misappropriation of funds by people in
government has always been the problem. They are settling godfathers. Even
though it is through godfather endorsement they got there, they should try and
govern well so that all of us will enjoy a better society”.

Ojei said, “Our prayer is that the new government start from where the old ones
stopped. In Ika nation here, we have no good roads, electricity, no pipe borne
water, infact the masses are suffering. It is just unfortunate that majority of
Ika people cannot come out openly to say their minds out fear of threats. We
the youths are suffering. Ika nation need industries to reduce unemployment.
Ochei Churchil, said, “the people that are appointed to administer the councils
are the problem. When a godfather puts someone in the council, they expect
financial returns. That is why we have so many shoddy works are done. Even this
newly elected people in the council is all a political arrangement. Look at
Charles Street in Agbor that was constructed about 5 years ago is in a
deplorable state because of settlements. If for example a road project cost
N5m, once the contract sum is approved, only about one fourth of the amount
will be spent on the road projects. Expecting good roads in our communities
might be impossible.

Evang. Sunny Akunwa, director ASN Music International and vice chairman of
Delta State PMAN said, “it is a welcome development that chairman and councilors
came into power through a free and fair election. The last caretaker government
tired to do their best. We expect these newly elected representative to
outshine the old government they were elected. They have the mandate Barr.
Eborka as an evangelist to use the fear of God to help his people improve their
lives. Also my friend Hon. Fred Ofume, we expect much from them. Any government
that is unable to uplift his people from the level of poverty is already a
failure. Making lives better should be the focus of every leader worth its
salt. Government officials whose motive is to usually end up failing. Wealth
made at the expense of the peoples well being will work against anyones family.

the contrary, blessing awaits those elected official who keep to the oath they
took. God rewards faithfulness”. He said that it is written in the bible that
whenever the righteous rules the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, the
people mourn. The newly elected leaders should 
evaluate themselves by these statement.

believe the new government can handle the bad roads. The two local councils
should synergise to patch the  pot or
manholes littering the Lagos/Asaba road. They should rebuild our tattered
markets and create employment for teeming unemployed youths. Using council
workers who are like things to extort money from people is not also encouraging
it should not be supported by the government”.

Janet said, “I am not happy with the last caretaker committee government. We
don’t have road here in Agbor. Even when they muted the idea of banning Okada,
I had prayed that God would touch the heart of the government to establish
industries to employ people who will affected by the ban. Till date nothing has
been done. Even the keke that was introduced cannot ply our bad road well.

the look of things, work along the Lagos/Asaba road seem to have stopped.
However, I am hoping for change to come. The new government should tackle all
these problems urgently. Lack of electricity supply is another major problem.
Now BEDC only gives light late at night and on a day to bills distribution. It
is like robbing Peter to pay Paul. Collecting more for work not done is
criminal. Government should look into all these problems that affect us”.

K. said, for the past 15 years government promises have always failed. We are
not seeing their promises. We are not feeling the impact of good governance.
People are suffering. There are no good roads, no electricity to power our
businesses and household gargets, no water. We pray that this new government
will not fail us as well. Before the election, they promised heaven and earth
but now that they have been elected I doubt their performance. I can only pray
for a  better Nigeria”.

Ekepenisi said, “we have representatives at the Senate, Federal House of
Representatives Delta State  House of
Assembly, and the only Lagos/Asaba road has taken years to complete. We can
only pray that this new government will realize the mistakes of the last
government and correct it. Our road are bad and the keke Napep I see around the
metropolis is an inferior one. I just pray this new government will have
sympathy. Because they don’t fulfill their promises that is why some of us are
avoiding politics. The people you assist to win election always turn their
backs at people after wining. Only God can help our nation. We live in a land
filled with milk and honey but few people are sitting on the money accruing
from the oil. If the government can tackle corruption, the country will be good.
I know so many boys that are graduates riding okada for a living, only God can
help us out”.

Ekenisi said, “I am so happy about the local council election. The former
chairman of Ika South Caretaker committee is nothing to write home about. I could
remember   when I was very young, we used
to go to government field to sing and jubilate during Independence Day, but
during his tenure there was nothing like that. I just hope that this new
chairman will go back to what we were doing and I pray that God would grant him
wisdom and strength to do the work successfully. The beauty of the government
field is gone, he should work on it. He should make sure the children are
always  in school not roaming the streets
or hawking during school hours. He should try his best to also work on our

Okuokenye said to put things in order is not an easy task and if not looking at
Engr. Andrew Obiazi’s government compared to governments that were there for 8
years, it wound not have been easy for him to do anything tangible in 3 years
in office. What I see is like coming to meet the trend of what had been
established. No impact was really made in Obiazi’s time.

introduced the refuse bins and you could see it was a mess. At first people
were praising him. Obiazi is my person but I must tell him where he did not do
well. There was no time for him to really create a lasting impact. Moreso, he
was appointed, not elected. That full power was not there. There was a limit to
what he could do. I expect the new government to address the bad roads. I
approve of government banning okada because it has caused a lot of damages to
the masses if you want to look at it objectively. The good it has done is no
where near the bad it has done to people.

is used for robbery. If you go to the hospital now, most patients are victims
of okada accident. The road are not okay. Let them put them right. We used to
have water board in this town. Let them work on those things  that are down. I would not talk on light
because it is a general problem in the country.

for the schools, government is trying. They are coming up gradually. At least
when a child gets to school now, he or she will feel comfortable unlike in the
past.  If the new government is able to
concentrate on water and roads, I think it will applauded. Next if they want to
come back, it may be a work over for them”.

Nkechi Sylvanus of kings and Queens Laundry, said, “performance in leadership
when it comes to an individual depends on how the individual wants his tenure
to look like. Some people have the mindset that when they leave office, their
footprints remains while other don’t care. From my point of view, the last
government worked but they did not put in their best. We are hoping that this
new administration will be better hoping in God. The bible says when God arrest
the heart of a king. The followers will enjoy the government.

are believing that God will arrest their hearts so that we will find a good

immediate past government introduced forcing those who are building or
renovating a house to pay a certain amount of money. I am using this
opportunity to inform the new administration that forcing people to pay levys
which end up in the pocket of touts is not encouraging. The money ought to be
utilized properly by the council.

over our communities the drainages are blocked. Even environmental sanitation
days as not properly observed. Those who are employed to coordinate it are not
there always. These things should be put in place. The officials in government
should not think of enriching themselves but to do what they have been voted

Nwaonicha said, “I cannot see the council working. Sand has block the gutters
and the council workers have left these things unattended. We need better
people in the councils who will take care of the environment”.

Comr. Oseh 
Craig on his part, noted that the previous administration in both local
government areas were not proactive and that resulted to a dormant local
council. He said his expectations are high as he expects transformations in
different sectors in the incumbent local government council under the auspices
of Mr. Ofume and Barr. Eborka.

speaking, Mr. Paschal Onyesom was of the view that both local government areas
will experience good governance as he believes in the capabilities of Barr. F.I
Eborka and Mr. Fred Ofume.

Mrs. Cordelia Esenwa, said the newly elected
council chairmen and councilors of Ika North-East and Ika south should
endeavour to maintain the roads in Ika and create better road network, which
will lead to urbanization and industrialization. She added that the government
should equip the schools in the local government areas. In the same vein,
Mr.  Ellis Friday Onyeator urged the
local government to maintain the existing roads especially the Alihame-Sakponba
road and Ediken Street in Ika South. He also decried the poor power supply in
Ika land, stressing that the step down that was brought to Ika land was the
same that was taken to Sapele but that of Sapele is still working while the
Ika’s is nothing to write home about. He further enjoined the council chairmen
and relevant authorities to look into the issue.

also, Simeon Gbenoba, urged the council chairmen and representatives to tackle
the erosion menace in the area. He observed that if  erosions. Is not properly tackled, they could
take the lives of residents and motorists.

Mr. Godstime Eghosa Iyeke, commended the council
chairman and councillors on their victories while urging them to also
fraternize with other political aspirants who were not victorious in the
elections. He added that the council chairmen of Ika South and Ika North-East
should liase and map out a workable strategy on how to better the lives of
their electorate.

Moreover, Miss. Esther Ngozi Adaigbe, urged the
council chairmen and councilors of the two local government areas of Ika to
create employment opportunities for the teeming youths who are graduates and
seeking for job. She also urged them to create amusement parks and tourists attractions.
She advised them to look into the needs of the less privileged and create
scholarships for students who are indigents.

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