He Wants To Sack Me

Dear Teresa


I have been going out with my boyfriend for about nine months now and with each passing day, my love for him has been growing because he is a very caring man. Everything about him or about us together is just wonderful, and we have even talked about marriage a few times. But recently, I have noticed that he is not feeling comfortable in my company anymore, as if he has other things worrying him. For almost three to four weeks now, his visit to our house have dropped to once or twice a week, our love making is now a maximum of once a week or none at all and now we rarely go out together to our friends and parties. I have confronted him about three times now but he has always told me that there was nothing wrong. And yet, our relationship is dying gradually. Even though I have no real proof, but I suspect he wants to sack me because of another girl. I can not bear to lose him, so I want to go to a native doctor to make him stay with me. What do you think?


Mable Okonta

By E-mail





Dear Mabel


If you love someone who does not love you, the best thing to do is to shut down that relationship, otherwise, you will be punishing yourself unnecessarily. If you love someone whose love for you is fading, then the thing to do is for you to re-access the basis for your love. But for you to tie yourself down to someone who does not love you anymore or to force that person to stay with you is not adviceable. How much happiness will you get from making love to a man you know is your zombie? If your boyfriend does not love you anymore, then let him go. On a finial note, you must never go to any native doctor as that or will compound your problem. Rather. I will suggest you stay in prayer as there is nothing prayer can not do as our God is a God of miracle I wish you the very best of lock 


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