What Does He Want?

Dear Teresa


I am 34 years old and got married last year to a woman who is 33 year old. She was a divorcee when I met her. She married her first husband at the age of 24, but she had to divorce the man about 3 years ago when the man and members of his family started molesting and harassing her publicly for not having a child. Now that she is pregnant for me, her former husband has been sending her occasional text messages. Even though she has never replied any of his text message, that has not stopped him from sending more. What does he mean by his action? I hope he is not thinking of coming back to a woman he threw out of his house and who is now legally married to another man? Do you think that is his intention?


John Iyama







Dear John

There is no cause for alarm. No reason whatsoever for you to feel threatened by the antics of a confused man. In any case, your wife loves you very much and has no intention of cheating on you, which is why she told you and showed you that text messages. However, when next another text message comes from that irresponsible man, discuses it with your wife and agree on the next line of action. Otherwise, ignore the fool. I will suggest you reply to the man’s text to let him know that your wife has been showing the message he has been sending and warn him to stop sending.  

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