IKA WEEKLY – Traditional music has been described as the language of the gods to the living as it carries with it events and culture of the past.


The above assertion was made by Mr. Melody Ebenuwa, the leader of Good Name Is Better Than Riches Cultural Group based in Ika land, Mr. Ebenuwa noted that the people of Ika nation needs to fully embrace Ika cultural music, so as to realign with the rich cultural heritage of the area.


He stressed that music is a very powerful and potent tool for cultural revival and promotion, according to him, it is only through music that the people can speak and relate with the ancestors, who thoroughly understands the language of music.


He called on the people of Ika nation to identify and support all music groups in Ika land that are projecting and promoting Ika culture.


Speaking also, the patron of the group, Chief Augustine Efewongbe, the Agbasogun of Alisimie emphasized the need for Ika traditional rulers to encourage efforts geared towards enhancing the rich culture of Ika land; while advocating for the establishment of a cultural center where Ika culture could be promoted.


He praised the members of Good Name Cultural Group for their commitment to seeing that Ika land is projected in good light culturally.

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