BOJI-BOJI OWA (Ika Weekly) – The National Union of Road Transport Workers branch “A” in Ika North East Local Government Area have embarked on maintenance of the dreaded Old Lagos/Asaba Road by filling some major potholes with sand. 


The leader of the group Mr. Christopher Azeode said that during their last meeting, the branch chairman of the NURTW Mr. Paul Diken, urged them to go and fill the potholes, adding that the bad condition of the road has been a death trap to its users. 


He further explained that since they are commercial drivers, they felt it is right to maintain the road though self help efforts rather than waiting for Government to do every thing. 


According to Mr. Christopher, who is the secretary of Umunded/Ogwashi-uku park unit, members of the union brought about 5 trips of sand and each costing N1500, and hired shovels and wheelbarrows with which they used to work on the road.


Mr. Azeode, advised those who reside or who have shops along any dilapidated roads to join hands and do the same and not waiting for the government to do everything for them. 


Mrs. Sule (mama Kehinde) one of the business women residing along the road, expressed her happiness towards the men who were doing the job as she gave them satchets of  water, soft drinks and snacks to refresh them.

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