AGBOR (Ika Weekly) – Traditional dance has been described as a special and acceptable medium through which societal norms and moral could be translated from one generation to another.


Making the assertion at Agbor during the week, the leader of “Love Your Neigbour” cultural dancing group, along Iduwe Street, Agbor, Mr. Udoka Ubani said traditional cultural dance is a pride to Ika traditional heritage


Mr. Ubani said that it will be difficult for any society to make remarkable cultural impact if it abandons its traditional dances and songs.


He remarked that “Love Your Neigbour” cultural dancing group started in 1998 from a prayer group of the Catholic “Block Rosary” with the help of Mrs. T.S. Ekpeni when it become mandatory that they have to use a group name in attending ceremonies and competitions, adding that they organized themselves to promote cultural heritage through cultural music and dancing.


Mr. Etuokwu Peter, the deputy leader, appreciated the kind gesture of Mr. Aliagwu Charles who made it possible for them to participate in several competitions both in and outside Delta State, organized by commissioner for Arts and Tourism.


He called on the people of Ika nation to join “Love Your Neigbour” cultural group in promoting the cultural dance and other aspect our culture that are no longer existing as a result of  the influence of western culture.


Mr. Etuokwu said Love Your Neighbour is ready to perform cultural dance at festivals, coronation of Chieftaincy titles, marriage ceremonies and burial ceremonies, as he solicited for financial aid from all Ika sons and daughters, to move the group forward.

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