IKA WEEKLY – Farmers in Nigeria have been advised to invest into fish farming to increase million metric tones of fish production annually.


The call was made by the area fishery officer in charge Ika North East, Mr. Ekpu Austine


Ekpu said federal Government are encouraging farmers to be fully involve in fish farming because statistics had shown that Nigeria requires more than 1.7 million metric tones of fish annually but only 0.7 million is been able to achieve as a result of low production, adding that only from captured and cultured fish have been able to get 0.7 million metric tones


He advised that fish farmer who need technical advise on how to take care of their pond should not hesitate to visit them. He explains that while fishes die easily in the pond, is because they don’t sort their fishes, stating that bigger fishes prey on the smaller once.


He advised that people should consume more of fish than beef because the digestibility of fish is very high, adding that fish consumers are never hypertensive


He commended the formal Governor of the state, Chief James Ibori and the formal Commissioner  for Agriculture, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, who revived the fishing department and the present Governor Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan.

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